The whole process of sexy underwear processing

Understand the whole process of affection underwear processing

Compared with ordinary underwear, sexy underwear is not only to keep warm and maintain the body shape, but also for the sexy and charming atmosphere. It adds a lot of design elements and details to the basis of ordinary underwear.So how do these complex design and handmade processes complete?Let me briefly introduce the entire process of processing of sexy underwear.

Design drawings

First of all, a good erotic underwear needs an excellent design drawing from the beginning. This drawing needs to contain detailed data information such as the style, color, and size of the underwear.At the same time, it also needs to indicate the specific process details and processing methods of each part.

Paper -proof

Next, based on the design drawings, each different size of paper is required.Workers cut the fabrics according to the requirements of different sizes according to the paper samples.

Fabric cutting

In this link of cutting fabrics, first of all, the fabric needs to be cut, because this can reduce the waste of fabrics.After cutting is completed, cuts according to the requirements of paper -like.


After the cutting is completed, the process of sexy underwear is usually carved.In different carving processing methods, commonly include flowers, embroidery and cut flowers.The pursuit of luxurious and delicate sexy underwear will use manual embroidery to achieve a more perfect effect.


Sewing is the most important part of the production of sexy underwear, especially the fabric that has been completed and processed.The sewing process requirements are precise and detailed, and each part is required according to the requirements of paper samples. The details determine the quality of sexy underwear.


After the sewing is completed, the underwear needs to be integrated and modified, such as adding hook buckles, adjusting the length of the shoulder strap, merging elements, and so on.This process also requires strict inspections of products to ensure that it meets various standards.


After the above series of processing, sexy underwear has gradually approached the final finished product.Next, you need to use a special washing method to process it to ensure that the entire underwear lines and fabrics will not be damaged by factors such as water temperature and cleaning agent.


After completing all these steps, you need to install packaging materials and packaging underwear.The packaging of underwear is to provide consumers with convenient and comfortable shopping experience.Therefore, packaging should be beautiful and generous, which is convenient for consumers to buy and keep.


The process of sexy underwear is very cumbersome, and each link is required to be fine and accurate.For consumers, when choosing sexy underwear, pay attention to choosing products with high levels of formal brands and technology, so as to ensure that you can buy high -quality sexy underwear.

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