The vulgar erotic lingerie of the SM venue

Shocking SM venue sexy underwear

Sex underwear, as a special clothing, aims to enhance the sexy and attractiveness of women.However, the sexy underwear displayed at a SM venue recently made people feel very disappointed and shocked.Below, let’s take a look at the specific aspects that make these sexy lingerie unbearable.

Vulgar styles and materials

The sexy underwear displayed at the SM venue is extremely vulgar, and basically some extremely exposed mini styles, not even basic pantyhose.The materials are also extremely inferior. Most of them are cheap artificial fibers. They are rough in texture and cannot be comfortable.

Inappropriate size and tailoring

Many erotic underwear are not suitable, some are too tight, and some are too relaxed and difficult to wear.The tailoring is also very rough, the shape is crooked, the lines are not neat, and it looks not delicate enough.

Lack of beauty and design

Good sexy underwear should have aesthetic and design, but the erotic underwear displayed on the SM venue lacks these elements.Without unique design, lack of creativity and inspiration, single shape, lack of personality and characteristics.

Excessive exposure and teasing

The original intention of sexy underwear is to increase the sexy and attractiveness of women, but the sexy underwear displayed is too exposed and teased, which makes people feel very embarrassing and uncomfortable.Some styles of sexual hints are too obvious, making people feel very vulgar and vulgar.

Lack of cultural connotation and historical origin

Although sexy underwear is a special clothing, it should also have a certain cultural connotation and historical origin.However, in the sexy underwear exhibition at the SM venue, these elements are completely missing.Moreover, most sexy underwear is drawn from Japan and South Korea, and lack of originality and authenticity.

Lack of professional brands and manufacturers

Good erotic underwear usually has professional brands and manufacturers to ensure the quality and reliability of the product.However, most of the sexy underwear displayed on the SM venue is a product of non -branded and non -manufacturers, which cannot guarantee the dressing effect and durability.

Damage to women’s self -esteem and dignity

The vulgar erotic underwear on display has damaged women’s self -esteem and dignity.This exposure and teasing clothing is easily used by men for sexual harassment and sexual assault, which threatens women’s safety and physical and mental health.

Vulgar and vulgar reflecting social culture

The cultural value of a society can be glimpsed from its popular fashion and costumes.In the sexy underwear exhibition at the SM venue, it reflects a vulgar and vulgar cultural value concept, which does not meet the requirements of sanitary civilization and social progress.

Negative impact on the sex underwear industry

These vulgar erotic underwear have a negative impact on the entire sexy underwear industry.On the one hand, it affects consumers’ confidence and recognition of the sexy underwear industry; on the other hand, the entire industry is labeled with "vulgar" and "vulgar" labels.

in conclusion

In summary, the sexy underwear displayed at the SM venue has many problems and deficiencies.As a special clothing, sexy underwear needs to focus on quality and design, with good cultural connotation and historical origin, and also needs to bear social responsibility to protect women’s self -esteem and dignity.At the same time, the entire interesting underwear industry also needs to strengthen self -management and supervision to prevent vulgar and unsatisfactory products flowing into the market.After all, only in this way, fun underwear can truly become a beautiful, fashionable and useful form of clothing.

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