The sexiest is more sexy underwear MV

The sexiest is more sexy underwear MV


Interest underwear is a very personal thing, which allows women to make amazing changes on their own body.In modern times, MV (Music Video) has become a way to promote and introduce sexy underwear.This article will introduce some of the sexiest more sexy than the MV, which contains music, behavior and plot.

Part 1: Vitalia’s Secret Program

Vitalia’s Secret can be said to be the world’s most well -known sexy underwear brand, and their MVs are usually expressed in various forms of fashion shows.Its program is large, rich in shape, and infinitely charm.Each year’s Vitalia’s Secret show will attract many top supermodels and artists to join, and MVs are often accompanied by rock, popularity and R & B music.In particular, they often invite celebrities to perform and let them perform while modeling.The MV of this show is like a magic show.

Part 2: Agent Provocateur brand MV

Agent Provocateur is a British brand that focuses on making sexy underwear favored by women.The brand is like a hypnotist, and his MV can make people dream in a few seconds.In the MV, paying attention to the development of the plot is often impressive.For example, their "House of the Blue Shadows" series of MVs, it depicts a story of a woman fighting for freedom by expressing freedom through erotic dance and traditional body.

Part 3: Wonderbra brand MV

Wonderbra is a supply from the United States and is a brand tailor -made for women.Its MV content usually focuses on women’s confidence and satisfaction with women’s body.Their MV named "Hello Boys!" Compare women’s plump chest compared with a giant lizard in a black European area, which is unforgettable.

Part 4: Wolford brand MV

Wolford is a well -known brand from Austria.Many of its erotic underwear are often accompanied by some white and beautiful skin, or honey -colored skin.Wolford’s MV usually expresses various emotions in high -quality and proud experiences.For example, their "you’re the one", the MV, shows a group of model wearing black underwear in a dark forest. They practice some rhythmic movements in a stinky and dull space.

Part 5: La Perla brand MV

From Italy, La Perla usually shows their sexy underwear through strong emotions.Their MV usually shows young, sexy and beautiful bodies to the public, and concentrates the charm and elegance of women.For example, in the MV of La Perla’s "Histoire de Fleurs", the female singer on the stage will sing a popular song in the 1980s that make these elegant women look very sexy.

Part 6: Marlies Dekker brand MV

The Marlies Dekker brand from the Netherlands cannot be ignored.Their MVs emphasize women’s strength, independence and freedom.Their MVs usually become large -area models, and wearing a suspender and conjoined underwear to emphasize women’s temperament.For example, in the MV of their famous "Signature" series, the model wears a high -necked series and hand -painted gradient small fishtail skirts to show the beauty of the abdomen.

Part 7: AUBADE brand MV

The AUBADE brand comes from France, and it usually shows women’s charm and sexy in various ways.Their MV combines drama, art and plot to show their sexy underwear.One of the MVs called "Le? On de Séduction" showed a very sexy process of how to wear sexy underwear.

Part 8: Blush Female Brand MV

The Blush brand MV from Canada usually has a fashionable atmosphere, not sexy.Their MV advertisements often show their beauty and elegance in the most comfortable state.For example, in the MV of their "Pure Bliss" series, models wearing simple underwear to show their health and beauty.

in conclusion:

The MVs of the above -mentioned brands have shown their own uniqueness in terms of visual, plot, music and actors. They are worth seeing.Although sexy underwear MV is a way to show a close skin relationship, in the MV, it can become a powerful way of expression that conveys women’s beliefs and attitudes.

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