The second aunt wears sexy underwear and me

The second aunt wears sexy underwear and me

With the development of society, interest underwear is no longer a topic of taboos. More and more women are trying to wear sexy underwear to increase romantic interest and emotional interaction.However, many people do not understand the feelings and effects after wearing sexy underwear.Today, I tried to wear sexy underwear and share our feelings.

1 Introduction

Interest underwear is not only to satisfy the aesthetic desire of men, but also for women’s own feelings.When choosing underwear, women should not only consider whether they are beautiful, but also their bodies and comfort.This article helps you better understand and choose sexy underwear through the dressed feelings of my second aunt.

2. Overview of sexy underwear

Sexy underwear is a sexy and romantic underwear. It is usually equipped with a variety of decorations, such as lace, mesh, beads, etc., highlighting women’s enchanting and sexy.It can be divided into various types such as open crotch underwear, underwear, stockings, and lace camisole.

3. The figure of the second aunt

The second aunt is tall and the proportion is quite good.She usually wears more conservative and does not like to try sexy underwear.

4. I tried with my second aunt

We bought online sex underwear, because buying sexy underwear in physical stores will make many women feel shy.We chose a set of lace -decorated open crotch underwear to try and took photos together.

5. Feeling after putting on

After wearing a sexy underwear, I feel that I am more enchanting and sexy and enhance my confidence.The second aunt said that she felt more comfortable and more sexy after putting on it.

6. The touch of the underwear

Interest underwear usually uses high -end fabrics, which feels soft and comfortable, so there is no different discomfort after putting on.During the shooting, the photographer needs to pay attention to the shooting angle to highlight the beauty of the underwear.

7. Suggestions for the choice of underwear

When choosing a sexy underwear, choose according to your body and temperament.If you are tall, you can choose some styles with more decorations to highlight the body proportion; for women with round figures, you can choose some styles with higher comfort.

8. The importance of sexy underwear

Putting on sex underwear is not only a visual enjoyment, but also an emotional interaction.Trying erotic underwear can increase the emotional interaction and romantic taste of husband and wife, and increase the taste and feelings between each other.

9. Conclusion

Interest underwear is not only a sexy equipment, but also a way to increase emotional interaction.When choosing a sexy underwear, choose according to your body and consider the comfort of wearing.Putting on sex underwear can make women feel confident and comfortable, and increase the emotional interaction between husband and wife. Why not?

10. Compare

Is it better?

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