The most abnormal sexy underwear

The most abnormal sexy underwear

Interesting underwear is an indispensable part of modern human sex life. There are many types and rich styles, which have always been loved by people.In recent years, some abnormal sexy underwear has quietly risen, which has more stimulating human nerves.Let ’s take a look at the most abnormal sexy underwear.

1. Strike sexy sheets

Electricity underwear is a underwear that stimulates the body with current.It usually includes a pair of electrodes that can pass the current in different body parts.Because the current passes through the muscles, this sexy underwear often gives people great stimulation and challenges.

2. Conjusational big butterfly suit

The conjoined big butterfly dress is a kind of underwear wrapped in the entire body. Among them, there is a structure similar to a large butterfly, which can bring pleasure and extreme climax in slow friction.

3. lace tongue ring sex lingerie

This underwear has a small ring, connecting the tongue at one end, and the other ending around the ears. It is fixed behind the back. The tongue can move freely in the mouth to give people extreme stimulation.

4. Celasm chain sexy underwear

Celar chain sexy underwear is usually made of metal chain and leather, which can be tied to the neck, shoulders and backs.This underwear usually requires two people to use it together, which can add interest when kissing and hug.

5. For split conjoined socks set

The front split conjoined socks set is usually composed of a tight -fitting coat and supporting socks. There is a split design in front to increase the convenience of sex.

6. War armor -style sexy underwear

This sexy underwear is usually made of metal and soft leather. The appearance is similar to war armor, which can enhance the masculine and feminine charm of sex.

7. Invisible erotic sheet

Invisible sexy underwear is a transparent and tightly fits skin underwear, as if it feels like wearing underwear.This underwear usually requires special materials and technical production, which can give people an ultimate sexy experience.

8. Pocket Watch Sex Underwear

The appearance of pocket watch -style underwear is similar to pocket watches, usually consisting of metal chain and pocket watch, which can increase stimuli and interest during sex, more like a sex toy.

9. Conjusational shrinking sexy underwear

This underwear is made of thin and transparent materials, which can close the body, increase the sense of irritation, and make people feel the passion of the sex process.

10. Pyramid sexy underwear

The design of the pyramid -type sexy underwear is very unique. It is usually composed of two small pyramids, which can be sandwiched between the legs to increase the fun and excitement of sex.

The above is the most abnormal sexy underwear. Each sex underwear has unique characteristics and attractiveness.While enjoying stimulation and pleasure, please pay attention to safety and hygiene.Sex is a beautiful enjoyment and should not be affected by any disease and damage.

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