The married man sends the song hall women’s sexy underwear


Recently, I heard a story that a married man gave a sexy underwear to a girl in a singing hall.This makes me want to write an article about matters that men need to pay attention to when buying and sending sexy underwear.This article aims to help men choose sexy underwear better, understand women’s needs, and avoid unnecessary embarrassment and trouble.

The reason for buying sexy underwear

The reason for everyone to buy sexy underwear is different.Some men may want to surprise their partners and make them feel special and valued.Other men may want to make their sexual life more interesting and exciting, bringing more happiness to themselves and partners.Regardless of the reason for the purchase, men must clarify their motivation, choose the appropriate sexy underwear to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Choose the style of sexy underwear

It is important to choose the style of sexy underwear.Different women have different aesthetics. Some women like sexy lace, and some women like simple solid colors.Men should understand the preferences of their partners and choose suitable sexy underwear.At the same time, pay attention to the comfort and material of sexy underwear, so as not to bring unnecessary discomfort or allergic reactions to the partner.

Selected brand and material

When choosing a style of sexy underwear, men should also choose some good brands and reliable materials.For example, lace, cotton, and silk are good quality materials, which have comfort and beauty.Some low -priced sexy underwear may use poor cotton, nylon or chemical fiber materials, leading to problems such as obstacle and allergies.

Pay attention to the selection of size

In addition, men should also pay attention to the choice of size when choosing sexy underwear.Interesting underwear size is usually smaller than ordinary underwear. Therefore, before buying, men must understand the size of their partner, so as not to be too small or too large in sexy underwear, causing unnecessary embarrassment and trouble.

Don’t pursue too exposure and teasing

Although sexy underwear is often considered a sexy, exposed, and teased style, men should not excessively pursue exposure and teasing when choosing sexy underwear.Slightly exposed, it is okay to make women have a little excitement and imagination, but excessive exposure will make people feel annoying and embarrassing.

Private place

Do not send fun underwear in public or crowds, which will make your partner feel very embarrassing and disturbed.Sending love underwear should be in privacy, and it can only be carried out after building trust and relationship with partners.

Gifted way

When sending love underwear, men can adopt some interesting ways, such as leaving gifts in a place where the partner likes, or giving gifts when the partner is absent.But men are best not to hand the sexy lingerie directly to women, because this will make women feel very embarrassing and disturbed.

Respect women

In the end, men should always respect women’s feelings and needs when buying and sending sexy underwear.Don’t let women feel that you are controlling and dominating her, but should make women feel that they are free and independent individuals.Men can communicate with women before buying sexy underwear, understand her wishes and needs, and give her enough space and freedom to make her feel respected and cared for.

in conclusion

When men buy and send sex underwear, they must pay attention to the above points to avoid unnecessary embarrassment and trouble.Choose the style, brand and material suitable for the partner, pay attention to the selection of the size, and let the gifts neutralize and interesting in private occasions.The most important thing is to respect the feelings and needs of women, give her a space for freedom and independence, and make her feel cared and respected.

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