The full text novel of the Dianyi Room Sexy Underwear King

Chapter 1: Monoust Room :

She hurried into the dressing room and prepared to try on a sexy sexy underwear.Suddenly, she felt someone stared at her.She raised her head, just in contrast to the man. The man was wearing a black suit with a golden skin color and a tall and beautiful figure.

Chapter II: Fun underwear trial

She started trying to penetrate sexy underwear, which felt very comfortable and very sexy.The man kept watching her and made her a little nervous.But she still showed her own beautiful posture as much as possible, intending to give the man a deep impression.

Chapter 3: Men’s approach

The man suddenly approached her. She felt the strong atmosphere of the man. She looked at the man’s eyes, saw his sky blue pupil, and felt fascinated.

Chapter 4: Men’s Actions

The man stretched out his hand and touched her shoulders gently. She felt the man’s strong arm, and the whole person was a little uncomfortable.

Chapter 5: Men’s tenderness

The man began to walk around her, gently stroking her chest and waist.She felt the gentleness of the man, and the whole person was completely melted in the man’s arms.

Chapter 6: Passionate Running

The man gradually pushed her to the wall, and the two were passionate. She felt the men’s enthusiasm and desire, and she was full of passion.

Chapter 7: Enjoy together

The two enjoyed in the locker room. They had no concerns and just wanted to enjoy short happiness.

Chapter 8: End

Time passed quickly, and they ended their encounter in the locker room.She smiled happily, making the man feel satisfied, and the two left the locker room silently.

Chapter 9: What is sexy underwear

Sexual emotional interest underwear is a very special underwear. It can evoke human fantasy through strange design and materials, making people more confident and charming.It makes people feel that they have a special force, so that they can attract the eyeballs of the opposite sex.

Chapter 10: Charm of Sex Underwear

The charm of erotic underwear is that it can inspire people’s sexy, and at the same time make people more confident and beautiful.It makes people feel that sexy is no longer a taboo topic, but a capital that can be proud.Therefore, for women who love beauty, sexy underwear is a very good choice.

in conclusion

Interest underwear is not only a sexy underwear, but also a reflection of confidence and charming.The correct choice and sexy underwear can make you more confident and beautiful.

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