The anchor wears open crotch sexy underwear

The anchor’s open crotch sex lingerie caused controversy

More and more anchors began to broadcast live on open crotch sex underwear.This behavior caused a lot of controversy.Some people think that this is a new fashion trend, while others think this is a kind of disrespect for morality.In this article, we will explore this issue.

What is open crotch and sexy underwear?

Open crotch erotic underwear is a underwear that is the same as traditional underwear in size as traditional underwear.This underwear usually uses sexy materials, slightly transparent, transparent and even completely transparent fabrics.It is usually equipped with lace lace, beads, etc., which aims to improve sexy; while the open crotch part is a major feature.

Why did the anchor choose to open the crotch sex underwear?

The anchor’s behavior of wearing open crotch sexy underwear did not suddenly appear, but the product of the rapid development of the live broadcast industry.This is to win the attention of the audience and get ratings and fans.In particular, some small fresh meat and flowers have gained a lot of popularity in this way.

The risk brought by the open crotch sex lingerie

The risk of wearing open crotch sexy underwear is also very high.First of all, this may cause the audience’s discomfort, especially children and conservative users cannot accept this expression, weakening the industry image.In addition, if you wear it properly, it may cause physical discomfort and infection, and even cause legal disputes.

Moral issue

In some cultural environments, wearing open crotch -in -crotch underwear is considered vulnerability and moral degradation.Even in a tolerance cultural environment, many people still strongly oppose and condemn this behavior, thinking that this is a low -style display method, and should not easily abandon morality and value when pursuing personal interests with a short look.

The facts of existence are market choices

Although it looks a bit bad to put on the crotch and sexy underwear, it is just a choice of the market.Since there is market demand, there is a product existence.Industry supervision needs to be stricter and formal, but the choice of underwear of the anchor should be the decision they make.

Control the impact of opening crotch sexy underwear

Although it cannot be completely prohibited from wearing open crotch and sexy underwear for live broadcast, some measures can be taken to reduce its impact.For example, the live broadcast platform can set the restrictions and rules of content to ensure that the audience is an adult and obtained authorization before shooting; in addition, fully educate the anchors, allow them to establish correct values and moral concepts, and avoid excessive exposure and excessive competition.

Choose the underwear that suits you

Although wearing open -crotch sex underwear can receive attention to a certain extent, not all anchors are suitable for it.The anchor should consider various factors when choosing underwear, such as its own style, whether it needs to be matched with the theme of the live broadcast, whether it is in line with the personal positioning brand, and whether it will affect the audience.Is it an open crotch, just one of them.

Underwear selection is personal privacy

Finally, it is important to emphasize that choosing underwear is personal privacy, and it should be respected and protected.Although the choice of underwear of the anchor will receive the attention and controversy of the public, private and the public should be different.We should respect the anchor’s personal privacy and avoid adverse criticism, stigma and privacy.

in conclusion

In short, the behavior of wearing open crotch sex lingerie has aroused extensive controversy and discussion.Although this behavior can increase popularity and traffic to a certain extent, there are also morality and health risks.The anchor should take into account its own value, and the public should respect the anchor’s personal privacy and free choices.

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