Taobao shop sex underwear model


Interest underwear is a popular type of underwear in recent years, and there are many sexy underwear shops on Taobao.These shops often use models to display products, so how to choose a good sexy underwear model?


First of all, a good sexy underwear model should have a good appearance.This not only refers to the appearance of the model, but also includes body and skin quality.A model with a perfect figure can better show the effect of sexy underwear.


In addition to external factors, a good sexy underwear model should also have affinity.This kind of affinity can be reflected in the smile, eyes, and posture of models.These factors can help attract customers’ attention.

Expression and gesture

The display of erotic underwear is not only a photo, but also the model to make some posture.The expression and posture of the model are crucial to the display effect of sexy underwear.A playful model can make sexy underwear more sexy and charming.

Body matching

Comfort is an important indicator for evaluating sexy underwear products, and an excellent sexy underwear model can better display this comfort.Therefore, choosing a suitable figure of sexy underwear to show sexy underwear can better display the comfort of sexy underwear.

Casting process

Choosing a good sexy underwear model requires a rigorous casting process.Before the cast, merchants should clarify their sexy lingerie styles as a basis to choose the appropriate sexy underwear model.

Communication skills

A good sexy underwear model should have good communication skills.She should know how to communicate with merchants to ensure the best display effect.Merchants also need to work closely with sexy underwear models to provide the model with necessary guidance.

Model planning

The planning of sexy underwear models requires close cooperation with models.They should make positive efforts in scene settings, clothing matching, etc., and jointly create an impressive erotic underwear display effect.

photography skill

Good photo effect requires good photography technology.Merchants and sexy underwear models need to work closely with photographers to jointly create amazing erotic underwear display effects.

Marketing strategy

In addition to the above factors, good sexy underwear models also need a suitable marketing strategy.Merchants should choose suitable sexy underwear models based on different activities and promotional strategies to achieve better marketing results.

Personalized service

Finally, a good sexy underwear model should be able to provide personalized services.She should be able to understand the needs of customers and provide customers with professional advice and services to meet the customer’s needs for sexy underwear.


In short, a good sexy underwear model should have the advantages of appearance factors, affinity, expression and posture, body matching, communication ability, model planning, photography technology, marketing strategy, personalized services and other aspects.Only by considering these factors can we choose a good and fun underwear model that is really suitable for your own shop.

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