Taobao sex underwear size description

What is the size?

Before buying sexy underwear on Taobao, the most important point is to understand your size.Size refers to your body size, including bust, waist, hip, and height.Understanding your size can not only ensure the appropriateness and comfort of the clothing, but also avoid the embarrassing situation of returns and exchanges.

chest circumference

When choosing a sexy underwear, the most important thing is the size of the bust.When measuring the bust, it should be surrounded by the widest part of the chest to ensure the roll level level.For most women, the size of the bust is usually more important than the size of the cups of A, B, C, and D.Make sure you measure your bust size correctly, which will make it easier to choose the right sexy underwear.

Cup size

The cup size refers to the difference between the bust and the lower bust, which can be used to determine the size of the cup (such as A, B, C, D).For example, if your bust is 36 inches and the lower bust is 34 inches, the difference is 2 inches.This means that your cup is B.


The lower bust refers to the perimeter below the chest.When measuring the lower breasts correctly, it should be surrounded by the lowest point of the chest to ensure the tape meter level.The size of the lower bust is usually less likely to make mistakes than the cup size, because only one fence is required.


The hip section refers to the perimeter of your hips.During measurement, you need to ensure that the tape measure is placed horizontally.For many erotic lingerie, especially T -shaped pants and camisole jumpsuits, the size of the hips is very important.


The waist circumference refers to the perimeter of the narrowest part of your abdomen.Lie flat measurement when the waist circumference is measured to ensure the level of the tape measure, and do not be too tight or loose.For a significant sexy underwear on the waist, you need to pay attention to the appropriate waist circumference size to ensure that you do not feel uncomfortable when wearing.


Height is also one of the important factor in choosing a suitable sex underwear.If you have a high figure, you need to choose the appropriate trouser length and overall length to ensure a comfortable dressing experience.People with short figures can choose short sexy underwear to show their advantages.

Other precautions

When buying sexy underwear on Taobao, you need to pay attention to whether the size table provided by the supplier is correct and accurate.When choosing a sexy underwear, you must ensure that the measurement size is accurate and pay attention to some details, such as the length of the arm, the shape of the chest and the curve.Precautions in these aspects will affect the appropriateness and comfort of sexy underwear.

in conclusion

Knowing your size is the key to choosing the right sexy underwear.Although the fun underwear size of different brands may be different, how to measure your size and how to match the supplier’s size table will help to ensure that your purchase is happy and successful.I wish you a suitable sexy underwear and make yourself more sexy and confident!

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