Taobao sex underwear good comment 30 words

Knowledge that you need to know about the purchase of sexy underwear

To buy interesting underwear on Taobao, you need to know some basic knowledge.First of all, different styles of sexy underwear are suitable for different occasions and figures.For example, when choosing a sexy underwear for daily wear, you need to pay attention to comfort and personal sense; and when selecting sexy underwear worn by sex parties, you need to consider attractiveness and uniqueness.Second, we must understand the characteristics of your body and choose the right style and size.Finally, pay attention to the purchase of draft rates to cause problems such as size and materials, and a reputable seller should be selected.

Daily wearing sexy underwear options

The erotic underwear wearing daily wear needs to pay attention to comfort and durability. For women in work occasions, they must also have a certain sense of career and low -key.It is generally recommended to choose elegant colors, such as black, white, light purple, etc., which is suitable for visual and psychological comfort.In addition, the selection of material also needs to take into account comfort and breathability. It is recommended to choose fabrics such as cotton, linen, cotton, etc.

Sexual parties wearing sexy underwear options

In the occasion of sexy parties, sexy, avant -garde and different styles are the key.For example, transparent lace, leather, chain, rivet and other elements are often used in the design of sexy underwear.In addition, the choice of accessories also needs to be careful, such as sleeves, eye masks, handcuffs, etc., which can improve the atmosphere effect of the instantaneous moment of interest and make yourself more dazzling.

The choice of nightclub wearing sexy underwear

The sexy underwear wearing the nightclub needs to be eye -catching and eye -catching. It is not recommended to choose a style that is too mass.At this time, you can try the elements of fancy lace, red or bright silver to show your personality and charm.At the same time, a reasonable combination can also have an additional effect, such as high -heeled shoes, hand bags, etc., can better highlight the nightclub style.

Skills to buy high -quality sexy underwear

How to buy high -quality sexy underwear?First of all, you can start with the reputation and evaluation of the seller, and you must choose a reputable shop; second, pay attention to the materials and details, observe whether the hook buckle, the stitching of the stitching, and whether the lace material is exquisite.One; Finally, you can compare the preferential strength and after -sales service of each store, and the bargaining or return can protect your shopping benefits to a certain extent.

Men’s sexy underwear style choice

Men’s underwear is an indispensable part of the sex clothing family.When choosing a men’s sexy underwear style, we must pay attention to comfort, closeness and simple character.Some complicated styles of tight, multi -colored, small, or other complicated shapes are also worth trying.When buying, you must buy appropriate sizes and fabrics according to your own waist, hip circumference and other figure characteristics to achieve the effect of comfort and sexy coexistence.

Recommendation of internationally renowned brand sexy underwear

International brands of sexy underwear often have high -quality materials, exquisite design and excellent brand image.For example, Victoria’s secrets are widely welcomed with their unique clothing design style and sexy underwear.In addition to Victoria’s Secret, international brands also include French Chantelle, Meica Lonely, etc., their design styles are diverse, both sexy, but also pay attention to texture and comfort.

How to use sex underwear for sex occasions

Sex underwear plays a very important role in sex.Selecting sexy underwear correctly can have the effect of "adding fun" and make sex more exciting.It is recommended to choose different styles according to different occasions, such as hollowed lace, thong pants, etc., and you can also choose different colors and accessories according to the preferences of both parties, such as mouthball, bundling rope, etc. to enhance interest and stimulus.

Fairy underwear style suitable for all kinds of figure

Whether it is a full, thin or standard body, you can choose a sexy lingerie style that suits you.Women with a plump body can choose some styles with breast augmentation and waist tightening; women with thin body figures can choose some sexy and publicized styles; women with standard figures are more suitable for various styles. It is recommended to choose skin -friendly and comfortable fabricsTo achieve a better sense of comfort.

Precautions for sexy underwear purchase

Pay attention to the following points when buying sexy underwear on Taobao: First, choose regular merchants to avoid deception from bad merchants.Secondly, learn more about your body characteristics and avoid buying inappropriate sexy underwear.Finally, do n’t get the order, communicate or respect the advice of the merchant in order to choose a product that meets your requirements.


Buying sexy underwear is a kind of enjoyment, and the correct choice and erotic underwear can bring more physical and mental joy.It is recommended that consumers pay attention to the quality and cost -effectiveness of the product when choosing sexy underwear, and understand their own figures and needs to achieve the best purchase effect.

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