Take the initiative to wear a messy underwear for your boyfriend


As a fashion product of modern people, sexy underwear has become popular.For women, do you take the initiative to wear sexy underwear for your boyfriend?This is a question worth exploring.

Why do you take the initiative to wear sexy underwear to show your boyfriend

Sexy underwear is a way to show its own charm.When women take the initiative to wear sexy underwear, they can not only add a self -confidence to themselves, but also bring more happiness to the other half.Therefore, active wearing a sexy underwear is a recommended approach.

How to choose suitable sexy underwear

When choosing sexy underwear, women need to consider factors such as their style, body, and needs of different occasions.Generally speaking, color, style, fabric and other factors need to be considered.Women who want to reflect individuality can choose more colorful sexy underwear, while women limited to figure need to pay attention to buying styles and fabrics that suits them.

How to match the shape

When matched with sexy underwear, women can try to choose a tulle robe or short skirt and other styles to show the dual characteristics of sexy and elegant.Women can also consider adding some accessories, such as high heels, earrings, etc., thereby improving the overall temperament.

Pay attention to personality and occasion

Pay attention to the occasion and their own personality when mating with sexy underwear. When a woman wants to participate in important meetings or serious occasions, it is not advisable to wear too sexy sexy underwear.Instead, you can show your charm appropriately.

The timing of showing charm

It is important to choose the appropriate time to show the charm.You can give your boyfriend surprise on a special day, such as birthday, Valentine’s Day, etc., and even add some interest in daily life.However, women need to pay attention to moderate, too frequent display can lead to her boyfriend’s aesthetic fatigue.

Boyfriend’s response

The boyfriend’s response is the most concerned about women when wearing sexy underwear.If her boyfriend is excited about such products, women can make adjustments based on her boyfriend’s response, adjust their posture, movements, etc. to achieve a more perfect results.

How to increase interest

In addition to wearing fun underwear, how do women add interest in bed?You can use some verbal hints, intimate behaviors, role -playing and other methods to add a little passion to each other.

Pay attention

When wearing sexy underwear, women need to pay attention to the following two issues.First, the process of choosing sex underwear should pay attention to hygiene and health.Second, do not ignore comfort. Choose a suitable style and comfortable fabric sexy underwear to better show your charm.


Wearing a sexy underwear for her boyfriend is a way to show his charm, but you need to pay attention to your choice and comfort.Women can add some interests to enhance each other’s feelings.

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