Spring underwear given condoms

What role does the contraceptive set given by sex underwear?

In daily life, women’s private parts are prone to infection. Therefore, when wearing sexy underwear, I believe that many women will protest and feel uncomfortable. What is going on?

Is it easy for women to be infected when wearing sexy underwear?

First of all, sexy underwear is not infectious, because they are disinfected.However, if they wear them in unclean environments, they will still increase the risk of infection.

What should I do when wearing sex lingerie?

When choosing sexy underwear, you should choose to buy in a regular store. Do not blindly buy it from the hawkers, because it is difficult to know if these sexy underwear has been disinfected.When wearing them, make sure they are clean and sterile.If you pass through many sexy underwear without cleaning, it will cause great harm to women.

So, is sexy underwear unhealthy?

There is no harm of sexy underwear itself.Under the development of modern production technology, the sexy underwear produced by high -quality materials can not only make women full of confidence, but also protect the body. Therefore, it is very important to choose good sexy underwear.

Why do sex underwear manufacturers give free condoms for free?

Some affectionate underwear manufacturers will give free condoms for free. This is to hope that women can better protect themselves, but also to promote the sales of condom products.This approach is very good for consumers, and it can also play a role in selling condom products.

Is the free condom reliable?

When using free offered condoms, you need to pay attention to the products provided by the sources of regular merchants. At present, there are many varieties of condoms on the market and different prices. Therefore, before using condoms, you must understand its performance and its performance andInstructions.

Is the condom necessary?

In fact, condoms are a very important contraceptive measure, which can effectively avoid problems such as unmarried child or infectious sexual diseases.Therefore, women should still use condoms even without sexy underwear.

What are the benefits of the combination of sexy underwear and condoms?

The combination of sexy underwear and condoms can avoid unnecessary health problems, such as accidental pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.Try to use condoms as much as possible when wearing, which can effectively resist the invasion of bacteria and sexually transmitted diseases.At the same time, some disinfected affectionate underwear can improve the use of condoms and make users more assured.

How to use condoms correctly?

The method of using condoms is simple, and it should be checked if it is damaged before use to ensure that it is intact.At the same time, you should use it according to the manual, and check whether it is firm after wearing it.Pay attention to keeping clean when using, and do not use the same condom again after using a condom.


When wearing a sexy underwear, choose a regular merchant to buy to avoid wearing in an unclean environment. After wearing, you should pay attention to cleaning to avoid infection.Under what circumstances, the use of condoms should become a good habit.

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