Skin shorts of sexy underwear

Skin shorts of sexy underwear

Sexy leather shorts

The leather shorts in sexy underwear are a sexy underwear that makes people look bright.It is usually black, made of high -quality leather, with soft texture.Compared with other materials, leather shorts reveal more sexy and wild.

Design style of leather shorts

Leather shorts have many different design styles, such as front zipper, rear zipper, side zipper, etc.The design of these zippers is not only convenient to wear and take off, but also increases sexy atmosphere.Some styles of shorts are designed with hollow or mesh design, boldly displaying the skin, making people imagine the sexy appearance of their own underwear in the love scene.

How to match leather shorts

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If you want to wear a sexy and noble feeling, you need to match the texture of the texture with high heels, lace tops or see -through shirts.When paired with leather shorts, it is recommended to use the color of the light color system, which can balance the "tough" feeling brought by the leather shorts and make the overall effect more coordinated.

Size of leather shorts

Because the production materials of leather shorts are special, there may be some problems in size.Under normal circumstances, it is recommended to choose a number one larger number, because the leather material is not elastic, and the size of the size is not appropriate to affect the wear effect.In addition, due to the particularity of cortical shorts, please pay attention to avoid excessive exercise in the process of dressing, so as to avoid unexpected situations such as tearing of pants.

How to maintain leather shorts

The maintenance and maintenance of leather shorts is critical.It is recommended to use professional leather care lotion for care.Before using care, please pay attention to cleaning and drying to avoid internal humidity.When cleaning, you can wipe it with a dry cloth. Do not use wet cloth or soapy water to avoid damage to the leather.When storing, avoid placing in a humid environment. It is best to put it in a ventilated and dry place. Do not fold or overlap to avoid causing creases.

The use of leather shorts

Cortical shorts are more suitable for sexy activities, such as sex parties, SM tuning, dancing performances, etc.Of course, if you can match the right top and shoes, leather shorts can also be used for stage and fashion show performances.

How to choose the right cortical shorts

When selecting leather shorts, you need to pay attention to the quality and thickness of the material.The details of the shorts, lines, zippers and other production details also need to be considered.In addition, you need to choose the style and size that suits you according to your body and temperament.If you are not sure your size and dress style, you can go to the physical store first to try it out, deepen understanding and then buy online.

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The price of leather shorts

The price of leather shorts is relatively high, and the quality brands are more than 1,000 yuan.Although the price is a bit high, due to its unique sexy effects and high -quality fabrics, it is one of the loveders, fashion elites, and performers.

The best one for you

In general, choosing and matching leather shorts need to choose according to your body, temperament and dressing style.For fun enthusiasts, leather shorts in sex activities are a good choice.However, the most important thing is to choose a leather shorts that are suitable for you and your own style and preferences, so that you feel confident, sexy and charming after you wear it.