Sh0w Taiwan permanent sex lingerie

Sh0w Taiwan permanent sex lingerie

Sh0w Taiwan permanent sex lingerie

As a sexy underwear expert, I often provide students and customers with sexy lingerie styles, matching and knowledge suggestions.Today, I would like to share with you when I was watching SH0W’s permanent sex underwear in Taiwan.

1. Landscape shape

The first impression of SH0W Taiwan permanent sex underwear is that the shape is very unique and the landscape design is very special.This design combines the smoothness and softness of traditional Chinese landscape painting into sexy sexy underwear, making people shine.

2. Wear feel

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In wearing, Sh0W Taiwan’s permanent sexy underwear uses soft materials and human engineering tailoring design, which can fit well and make the body show a beautiful curve.The comfort when wearing is also eye -catching.

3. Design of unity inside and outside

On SH0W Taiwan’s permanent sexy underwear, underwear and coats are completely connected. Whether it is pantyhose or top, it shows a clever design, making the overall shape very harmonious, sexy, elegant, and noble.

4. Diamond embellishment

SH0W Taiwan’s permanent erotic underwear is decorated with a large amount of diamonds, perfectly showing women’s nobleness and gorgeousness.However, it should be noted that the number and location of the diamond should be moderate, and too much or improper placement will look a bit exaggerated.

5. Use of suspenders

On SH0W’s permanent sexy underwear, the classic suspender design is cleverly applied.Take a step back, even if the underwear needs to be removed, the design on the suspender can still add points to the overall shape.

6. Improvement of pantyhose

SH0W Passengers’ pantyhose of permanent sex underwear is different from foreign traditional designs. The design of underwear straps cleverly absorbs the traditional Chinese bonding method and enhances its temperament.

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7. Comparison with Western -style sexy underwear

In terms of overall design, SH0W permanent sexy underwear is a factor in Western style and traditional Chinese culture.The difference is that the design of Western sex underwear focuses on the publicity of the outline, and Chinese sex lingerie pays more attention to the temperament of wearing.

8. Customized service

The advantage of SH0W Taiwan’s permanent sex underwear is also customized services. Customers can customize size and styles based on their body shape and preferences, fully meet the needs of different people.

9. Applicable scenarios

The applicable scene of SH0W Taiwan’s permanent sex underwear is very wide. It can not only be used as Valentine’s Day gifts, honeymoon travel, but also wearing their sexy and temperament on many occasions such as Cosplay and theme Party.

10. Summary

In summary, SH0W Taiwan’s permanent sexy underwear not only focuses on design, comfort, functionality, fabrics, accessories, etc., but also integrates Chinese traditional cultural elements and western trend in the West, thus becoming the leader of the sex underwear industry.If you also like this unique design style and noble and gorgeous temperament, then try it.