Sexy underwear women’s costume green building temptation

Sexy underwear women's costume green building temptation

1. Wing Chun Clothing integrates sexy underwear

In recent years, the popularity of ancient movies and TV series has made the costume charm of costume once again become a fashion topic, and sexy underwear has also changed on the basis of traditional cultural aesthetics.The mysterious sexy of ancient rhyme.

2. Gold Silk Embroide

As the representative of the green -tower underwear, the golden silk embroidered sling is mostly used in Wing Chun silk fabrics, and the golden silk embroidery decoration makes people feel a strong palace atmosphere.Its exquisite craftsmanship, soft texture, gorgeous embroidery, and a unique sense of layering. It does not lose the majesty, nor the quiet tone, and the gorgeousness and luminis, which makes people infinitely intoxicated.

3. Cross ring pants

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Cross -ring pants choose Wing Chun satin, smooth and natural lines outline the slender waist curve, especially the cross bands in the waist, which makes people feel the flexibility and elegance of Wing Chun.The personal tailoring and sexy design make people seem to return to the elegant life of the Qinglou, and everything belongs to peace.

4. Tang clothing culture integrates sexy underwear

In traditional Chinese culture, Tang costumes are a very high position.In the world of ancient women, Tang costumes are the best embodiment of women’s feminine, elegant, noble and comfortable.Modern sex lingerie is the design of the cultural elements of Tang clothing, and at the same time, it is committed to showing women’s beauty and sexy.

5. Cutting bud skirt

The flower lace skirt is a deeply integrated sexy underwear that deeply integrates Tang clothing culture.The traditional lace lace art plus advanced laser carving technology, detailed texture, natural color tone, perfectly combine modern cutting -edge technology with ancient craftsmanship, and has a strong sense of fashion.

6. Same color stitching hanging strap

Under the influence of Tang suit culture, the same color stitching strap has become the focus of fashion.Color matching is very tested to the aesthetic level of the wearer.Improper color matching, big comparison effect, color is too bright, then this sexy underwear will artificially cause pressure, and cannot highlight the beautiful curve beauty like a kimono.On the contrary, proper wear will produce a huge sexy effect.

7. Palace style erotic lingerie

Inspired by historical culture, innovation and relying on the improvement of the manufacturing technology, the palace style of the court’s favorable underwear has successfully created a long oriental culture charm.The gorgeous and exquisite texture creates a luxurious and elegant fiancee Fan Er. The short -sleeved style is equipped with golden flowers embellishment, and the skirt is like a brilliant star, which is more elegant and independent.

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8. Modern and classical encounter

A century ago, in the historical gray vortex, the blue building was red and brilliant, charming and exquisite.Modern women use advanced production technology and traditional cultural elements to redefine the old forms and connotations, so that the charm of the Qinglou culture is for a while.

9. Bring different feelings and experiences

Each sexy underwear has its unique design elements, materials and production processes, and also has different visual, tactile and psychological reactions. Therefore, wearing different styles of sexy underwear will bring different feelings and experiences.Under the impact of traditional culture, these feelings and experiences are more colorful.

10. Summary

Traditional culture is a model and symbol of the development of human civilization.Incorporating traditional cultural elements in modern sex underwear not only reflects our traditional cultural accumulation and value concept, but also allows modern women to feel the unique charm of traditional culture in wearable.The history of history is galloping, the source of culture is broad and deep, and it is refreshing.It is undoubtedly a good way to integrate these profound connotations into sexy underwear, which makes us unique and feels the charm of traditional culture.