Sexy underwear with virus

Sexy underwear with virus


In recent years, sexy underwear has been very popular. Many people have chosen to wear such special underwear to increase interest.However, people may not realize that the sexy underwear may also carry viruses, bringing potential threats to physical health.This article will introduce the types of viruses that may contain fun underwear and how to prevent these viruses.

Virus type carried by sexy underwear

Interest underwear may contain a variety of viruses, the most common of which are mold and bacteria.These germs can cause itching, inflammation, vaginitis and other problems in sexual organs.Some sexy underwear brands may also contain chemicals with strong skin irritating, such as acrylic.

Reasons for sexy underwear virus

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There are many reasons for sexy underwear to produce viruses.First of all, in the production process, manufacturers may not necessarily strictly detect underwear materials, so bacteria and mold have the opportunity to grow; second, when using sex underwear, the body fluid is prone to contaminate underwear, causing underwear to have germs with germs.

How to prevent erotic underwear virus

If you want to prevent the virus in the sexy underwear, there are some attention points to attract our attention.First of all, when buying a brand, you should choose a trustworthy brand. The sanitation work in the process of brand production will also be more reliable. Second, in addition to replacing underwear regularly, you should also pay attention to physical hygiene during use and clean the body regularly.

How to maintain sexy underwear

Pay attention to maintenance with sexy underwear to ensure life and hygiene.You can follow the steps below to maintain your sexy underwear:

1. Make good use of washing bags: Use laundry bags can effectively reduce the wear and deformation of the underwear during the washing process;

2. Select detergent: Select detergent specializing in underwear, which can greatly reduce excessive soaking and avoid damage to materials;

3. Low -temperature washing: Select temperature below 30 degrees Celsius to wash the underwear to avoid the materials from deforming because of high temperature;

4. Dry: Avoid using a dryer, choose a cool and dry place for drying, and wait for a while before ironing, which can effectively reduce the damage and loss of sexy underwear.


Pay attention to the selection of sexy underwear

When choosing a sexy underwear, pay attention to the breathability and comfort of the material.Materials with poor breathability can easily lead to the breeding of germs; sexy underwear that is too tight or unconnected can also cause discomfort and even pain to the body.

Interesting underwear should not be shared

Interest underwear itself is a relatively personal item and should not be shared by multiple people.Even if the relationship between multiple people is intimate, sexy underwear may have germs, which threatens the body.There is no need to place your body in danger for "saving money".

Disinfection of sexy underwear

If you think your underwear has been used in more places, or the object you trust has used your underwear, then the problem of disinfection of sexy underwear also need to pay attention.First of all, if it is possible to replace it directly, if it cannot be replaced, it can be disinfected with bleaching water or special sexy underwear sterilization. Pay attention to the use of disinfectants correctly, and may also affect the material of the underwear.

in conclusion

In order to fully prevent the virus in sexy underwear, we need to do a good job of maintenance of underwear and choose a brand of reliable quality.However, more importantly, we should always maintain the attention of physical hygiene and avoid underwear virus from the source.