Sexy underwear trademark tag

Sexy underwear trademark tag


As a special clothing, sexy underwear has become more and more popular with people’s gradually open sexual concepts.In the design of sexy underwear trademark tags, it is not only an important part of brand marketing, but also an important carrier of product information. Therefore, you need to pay attention to many details in design.

The role of sexy underwear trademark tag

The sexy underwear trademark tag is a paper or plastic with a logo effect. It is hung on the collar or trouser belt of the sexy underwear to distinguish the product, introduce brands, and transmit information.Communication bridge.

The design principle of sexy underwear trademark tag

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1. Clarify the brand concept and product characteristics.Tags should reflect the brand’s characteristics and advantages, making it easier for consumers to understand the brand’s concepts and characteristics, and then choose to buy.

2. Highlight the brand image.The design of the tag should reflect the brand image, consistent with the brand color system, so that consumers can feel the brand image as soon as possible when they contact the tag.

3. Simple and clear.The content of the tag should be simple and clear, and the fonts are clear and easy to read, avoiding typos and vague text.

The main points of the design of sex underwear trademark tag

1. Brand logo design.The LOGO design of the sexy lingerie brand must reflect the brand’s characteristics and image, and at the same time can attract people’s interest and curiosity.

2. The name of the product style.The name of sexy underwear should show its characteristics and fashion. The style name of the product is appropriately marked on the tag to help consumers better distinguish and distinguish.

3. Size and material information.Properly marked the size and material information to facilitate consumers to choose from, and avoid increasing the return rate because the size or material does not meet.

Fun underwear trademark tag material

The materials commonly used in sex underwear trademark tags include: paper, paper plastic film, PVC, PP, PET, etc. Among them, the use of paper plastic film is high, because this material can achieve tornness of tags.


The printing method of sexy underwear trademark tag

There are types of sexy underwear trademark tags: graphic printing, convex printing, concave printing, silk net printing, etc.Among them, the use of graphic printing and screen printing is high. Plane printing can flexibly cope with the printing of a variety of pictures and colors. The screen printing is rich in color and a high sharpness.

How to effectively use sexy underwear trademark tags

1. Hang on the collar or trouser belt.This is the most basic way to use tags, and it can be easily found and recognized.

2. Use tags with promotional activities.Fun underwear brands can print the promotion code on the tag, and consumers can get discounts or gifts when buying. This method can increase consumer’s desire to buy and retention.

Future of sexy underwear trademark tags

With the development of the Internet and the gradual improvement of brand recognition, the design and application of sexy underwear trademark tags will also be more refined and intelligent.In the future, sexy underwear trademark tags may combine intelligent chip technology to realize the ubiquitous carrying and transmission of product information.


The design and application of sexy underwear trademark tag plays a vital role in the promotion and publicity of sexy underwear brands. Good tag design can not only enhance brand image and product recognition, but also increase product sales and brand attention.