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Joining sex lingerie brand -Rabbit Lang

With the improvement of people’s aesthetic concepts, the market for sex underwear has gradually emerged.And joining has become a way of entrepreneurship has also received more and more attention and choices.Today, I will recommend a sexy underwear brand worthy of joining, and the related issues that they need to know about the brand.

Rabbit Brand Introduction

Established in 2010, the Rulang brand is a company focusing on sexy underwear design, production, sales and services. Adhering to the principle of "focusing, professional, and professional", it is deeply recognized by people in the industry and consumers.At present, Rabkeng has more than 1,000 sales stores and many authorized franchise stores across the country.

Rabola brand advantage

As a sexy underwear brand accumulated for many years of experience, Rabbit has obvious advantages in the following aspects:

The rich product line covers multiple series such as adult toys, women’s sexy lingerie, men’s love supplies;

Professional R & D teams and process levels can meet different needs of markets and consumers;

Perfect after -sales service provides consumers with thoughtful solutions;

Systematic franchise training system and comprehensive operation management support helps entrepreneurs to quickly enter the market and successfully start a business.

Bunlang joining process

To join the Rulang brand, you need to go through the following steps:

Leave a message online or call the Tu Lang customer service phone to understand the brand franchise policies, requirements and other related issues;

Fill in the application form and submit relevant information for review;

Interview and sign a franchise contract, pay the franchise fee;

Participate in the brand’s franchise training to improve your own management capabilities;

Looking for locations and decoration stores, enter the formal business stage.

Tulang joining fee

Joining the Rulang brand requires a related franchise fee, which includes the following aspects:

Franchise margin: According to different store types, the additional margin is different. At present, there are four types of flagship stores, specialty stores, boutique stores and mall counters;

Store decoration costs: depends on factors such as the specific area of the store, the location of the storefront;

Brand use expenses: Depending on the type of store and the selected franchise plan, most of them are paid on a monthly basis.

Conditions needed for Bunlang to join

If you want to join the Rulang brand, you need to meet the following basic conditions:

Have a good awareness of entrepreneurship and legal business qualifications;

With certain entrepreneurial funds and capabilities, it can bear the relevant costs such as store decoration, recruiting employees, and inventory procurement;

Agree with the development concept and market positioning of the Rulang brand, and can promote the development of the brand with the brand side;

There are enthusiasm and patience, and are willing to study and work hard for brand building and business development.

Rablola brand joining advantage

Joining the Rulang brand has the following advantages:

High brand awareness, good market reputation and consumer recognition;

Powerful product research and development and production capacity can meet the needs of markets and consumers;

Comprehensive operation management and marketing support helps franchisees to stabilize operation and sustainable development;

Rich franchise policies and award systems provide more support and guarantee for franchisees to start businesses.

Precautions for Joining Rablola Brand

If you want to join the Rulang brand, you need to pay attention to the following issues:

You need to understand the brand’s market positioning, franchise policy, and service support before joining;

Read the franchise contract carefully to ensure legitimate compliance and understand its rights and obligations;

In the aspects of store location, decoration, recruitment, training, etc., comprehensive, careful, and responsible preparations are required to ensure smooth opening;

During the business process, we need to comply with the brand management specifications of the brand and safeguard the brand image and consumer rights.

Summary of the Rabbit Brand Franchise

The Rulang brand is one of the leading erotic lingerie brands in China. As a brand with many years of experience and professional ability, Rablola occupies a certain share in the market and has a large loyal consumer group.If you are interested in joining the brand, you need to understand the relevant information, meet the relevant conditions, and follow the corresponding procedures.During the collaboration, we need to adhere to the brand concept, comply with contract specifications, fully promote the development of the brand and itself, and achieve a win -win situation.I believe that through its own efforts and the support of the brand, it will be able to achieve commercial success.

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