Sexy underwear shame tuning C

Sexy underwear shame tuning C

Sexy underwear shame tuning

Interest underwear can add life interest and fun to couples.Wearing sexy sexy underwear can make women more confident and more excited men.One of the more popular erotic underwear is shameful training underwear. This article will take you to understand the basic knowledge, matching skills and precautions of shame tuning underwear.

1. What is shameful training underwear?(H2)

Shame training underwear is a sexy underwear that can adjust the body and mind of couples.It uses a variety of design elements, such as tie rope, green leaf, handcuffs, etc. to show the privacy of men and women. At the same time, it can also stimulate sensitive areas through some sex toys to make the body feel more intense.

2. Types of shameful rampant underwear?(H2)

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There are many types of underwear in shame.The most common is restraint pants, which can restrain your legs, make your body unable to move, and then perform various hypnotic, tuning and other behaviors; there are stockings suits, bras, handcuffs, foot crickets, etc., so that women form a kind of abuse and humiliationFeeling the pursuit of high -intensity humiliation; if it is played by men’s characters, there are dog slaves, daughter slaves and other costumes to satisfy the psychology of male occupation and domination.

3. The material and color of the shameful lingerie?(H2)

Shamelessly tune underwear materials are relatively diverse, including imitation skin, nylon, jaoseki, etc. Among them, the color of the imitation skin is darker, and the material of the imitation skin is more realistic. It is suitable for users who want to try more flavor.In terms of color, black, red, and blue underwear is more common, which is in line with the color psychology of the gender.

4. The use of shame to train underwear?(H2)

The use of shame to train underwear is more important. First of all, you must face your own psychological and physical acceptance, and try not to force yourself to experience it.When choosing and using and enjoying tuning, we need to pay special attention to sanitation issues based on the principle of gentleness, relief, humanization, and hygiene as the principle, especially for the use of vulnerable parts such as anus.

5. Couple choices and feelings with shameless underwear?(H2)

With shameful training underwear, you can realize all kinds of pornographic and strange preferences.Couples can choose the shame tuning underwear that suits them, such as dog slaves to tune the male and female; daughter slaves and anal plug props to compare the challenges of saliva and semen;Tips such as abuse to adjust and play.

6. How to choose your favorite shame tuning underwear?(H2)

Choosing your favorite shame tuning underwear can start from your own personality and hobbies, and you can consider your shape and inner needs.At the same time, it is necessary to consider the material and style of the underwear to avoid using shame tuning underwear that is not in line with their habits.


7. How to maintain and clean the shame underwear?(H2)

The maintenance and cleaning of shameful training of underwear is more important.First of all, you need to choose the appropriate cleaning method and cleaning supplies. Do not use excessive powerful and acidic cleaner to avoid affecting the quality of underwear.Secondly, it can be simply dry or dry to avoid excessive drying, such as directly light, sunlight, and dryer.

8. The market prospects of shameful training underwear? (H2)

Shame training underwear has been promoted through a series of organizations and channels, such as major websites, sexual products stores, and sexual institutions.Under the recognition of the majority of users, the market for shameful underwear is about 30-5 billion yuan.The opportunities provided by the market are unlimited, but identifying the authenticity and quality of merchants are the skills that consumers must have.

Viewpoint: Shame Training underwear is one of the sexual daily necessities represented by sex products.Because of its novel, interesting and representative characteristics, it plays a positive role in improving the quality of sexual life.However, we must correctly understand and be cautious about the use of shameful training underwear, so as not to cause hidden health hazards due to improper use.