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1 Introduction

In modern society, as people’s openness and tolerance of sexual cultural concepts gradually increased, interesting underwear has become increasingly popular, and it has become an important prop for couples to flirt and enhance interest.In Japan, sexy underwear culture is more innovative. Based on the traditional flower and bird wind moon, it perfectly combines design, creativity and technology to introduce new, meet the needs of different consumers, and become the leader of the global sexy underwear market.So today we will explore the journey of sexy underwear in Japan.

2. The definition of sexy underwear

First of all, let’s take a look at the definition of sexy underwear.Interesting underwear refers to a unique design, beautiful shape, soft material and natural underwear. It aims to add sexuality and color and touch of the material through sexy design and color matching.Improve intimacy and happiness.

3. The function and characteristics of sexy underwear

The main function of sexy underwear is to flirt in love and increase the fun and irritation in marriage.It is characterized by design personalities, novel shapes, comfortable skin -friendly, soft touch, and in line with the proportion of women and men. It can truly stimulate people’s senses, enabling husbands and wives to show their bodies more freely and confidently, feel each other’s each other’sPassion and desire to improve the intimate relationship between each other.

4. The development history of Japanese sexy underwear

Fun underwear has a history of decades in Japan. Japan’s sex culture has always been an important part of its cultural tradition.The development of sexy underwear in Japan can be traced back to the post -World War II. At that time, the aesthetic concept of Japanese traditional culture was strongly affected by Western culture, especially in Europe and the United States.With the gradual opening up of Japanese society, the cultural underwear culture has also been developed and promoted, and it has become an important part of the consumer market.

5. Innovation and uniqueness of Japanese sexy underwear designers

The designers of Japanese sexy underwear are mainly from three backgrounds. One is designers with experience in underwear; the other is designers with experience design experience; the third is designers combining art design with fashion design.The designers of Japanese sex underwear use a variety of materials, colors and patterns to integrate elements such as fruits, flowers, patterns, feathers and lace into the design of underwear.Unique and beautiful sexy underwear brings many choices to consumers.

6. Material and quality control of Japanese sexy underwear

Japanese sex lingerie materials are mainly divided into three types, natural materials, synthetic materials and organic materials.Among them, natural materials such as silk, cotton, and lace fabrics are often used in the design and production of sexy underwear, and Japanese sex underwear controls the materials and quality very strictly. It is allowed to be sold after layer of screening and testing.This can ensure that every sexy underwear can make customers feel comfortable, assured and happy.

7. The market performance and prospects of Japanese sexy underwear

The performance of Japanese sex lingerie in the domestic market is very good. In addition to its profits in the local market, there is also a large export market.Especially with the vigorous development of the e -commerce industry, Japanese sexy underwear has been recognized and sought after by more and more international consumers, and has become the leader of the sexy underwear market in the Asia -Pacific region.In the future, Japanese sexy underwear brands will continue to break through the limits of design and technology, innovate, and continuously meet the personalized needs of consumers.

8. How to buy a sexy underwear that suits you

If you want to buy a sexy underwear suitable for you and your partner, you need to consider your body, skin tone, style and other factors.For example, a petite lady should not choose too fancy and thick sexy underwear, and should choose a simpler, close and light underwear; and a full -bodied lady can choose soft, comfortable, translucent underwearSexy can also make up for the lack of figure.

9. How to wear sexy underwear correctly

Pay attention to the following points to wear sexy underwear: First of all, you must buy underwear suitable for your body, do not blindly pursue the trend of flooding; second, pay attention to the selection and matching of color, and coordinate with each otherWear on the occasion, try to avoid being used in public in public, so as to avoid the disgust and embarrassment of others; in the end, you need to pay attention to your gesture and posture when you wear, and try to show your beauty and charm as much as possible.

10. Conclusion

Interest underwear is one of the signs that reflect the fashion taste of modern women.As a leader in the global sexy underwear market, Japan’s sexy underwear not only has unique advantages in terms of materials, design, and quality, but also through its own continuous innovation and improvement, bringing more sexual cultural tolerance and diversified development to the worldThe possibility.

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