Sexy underwear blue peacock cheongsam

Sexy underwear blue peacock cheongsam

Background introduction

Interest underwear refers to underwear with sexy and seductive characteristics. The main role is to enhance sexual charm and improve the quality of sexual life.The blue peacock cheongsam is a colorful, elegant, sexy, sexy lingerie, combines the design elements of traditional Chinese cheongsam and Western sexy underwear, which is favored by more and more women.

Material and style

Blue Peacock Cheongsam is a underwear that perfectly blends excellent materials and beautiful design.Fraces, gauze and other fabrics are usually used. These fabrics are breathable, soft, and very comfortable.The theme elements of the blue peacock are cleverly added to the underwear design by the designer. They include traditional embroidery and lace elements, as well as modern suspenders and shoulder straps, with strong oriental aesthetic features.

Color and detail decoration

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The most significant feature of the blue peacock cheongsam is its color, which is generally composed of dark blue and light blue.At the same time, the details of the underwear are also very unique, such as standing collar, lace decoration, etc., which greatly improves the beauty and sexy of the underwear.In addition, the details of the underwear include lace, pearls, prints, etc., making the underwear more colorful.

Dress and applicable crowd

The blue peacock cheongsam is suitable for various occasions, such as sex games, sex parties, daily life, and so on.Its noble, gentle, mysterious and sexy make women become more confident and beautiful when wearing it.Applicable people are also very extensive, including weddings brides, couples, newlyweds, and women who want to improve their confidence and sexual charm.

With suggestions

The blue peacock cheongsam can be matched with various other clothing, such as long lace skirts, medium and long dress, and so on.Pay attention to matching when wearing to avoid causing too much embarrassment.At the same time, it is recommended to wear high -heeled shoes to make the leg lines more slender and further improve the sexy beauty.

Maintenance guide

The blue peacock cheongsam requires special maintenance like other sexy underwear.First, avoid excessive friction and pull to avoid destroying fabrics and details.Secondly, it is recommended to wash it by hand to avoid using washing machines to prevent underwear from deforming.Finally, avoid direct exposure to the sun when drying, and choose a place with good ventilation to let it dry naturally.

Well -known brand and price

Blue Peacock Cheongsam is a very popular sexy underwear in the market, and various brands are produced.The more famous brands include Victoria’s Secrets, Anna Mu, XR Brands, and so on.The price of these brands ranges from 100 to 300 yuan, and the price is different according to the brand and quality.


Recommended sexy competing product

Although the blue peacock cheongsam is a very classic sexy underwear, there are many similar sexy products on the market.For example, black lace underwear, gold diamond underwear, etc. These underwear are also sexy, and different options can meet different personality needs.

My point of view

As a sexy underwear with a strong oriental culture, the blue peacock cheongsam successfully integrates traditional cultural elements with modern fashion design, which is very good.Its noble, elegant and sexy charm allows more women to dare to release their sexy and better exploration and enjoy sex life.