Sexual Emotion Underwear European and American Beauty

Sexual Emotion Underwear European and American Beauty

Sexual Emotional Fun underwear -fashion choices for beautiful European and American women

Sexual emotional lingerie is a underwear designed for increased sexual stimulation and enjoyment.It is a choice of underwear that integrates skin and underwear. Unlike traditional underwear, it presented women’s body more sexy and attractive.European and American beauty is the best spokesperson for sexy underwear. They are marked with sexy, fashion and self -confidence.

Types of sexy underwear

1. Drain: "Heart" of sexy underwear, breast enhancement, underwear suits, conjoined bra, and pajamas are the most popular styles.

2. Through pants: Sexual Emotional Lingerie logos, low waist, open crotch, and thong are classic styles of sexy underwear.

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3. Socks: The finishing touch of sexy underwear, black stockings, net socks, etc. are a lot of accessories to sexy underwear.

The type that European and American beauty likes

European and American beauty loves the so -called "three C" style -thin, short, and transparent. They pay more attention to the comfort and sexuality of underwear. They often choose bold red, black and purple underwear.

Selection of underwear color

1. Black: Black underwear is the representative color of sexy lingerie. It is both sexy and mysterious. It is very suitable for high heels and stockings.

2. Red: Red is the other representative color of sexual emotional interest underwear, which represents passion, temptation and enthusiasm, and is also one of the hot colors in sexy underwear.

3. Purple: Purple represents mysterious and elegant. It is another classic color of sexy underwear. It is intriguing and is very suitable for matching underwear inlaid with sequins.

Sexual Emotional Fun Underwear Material Selection

1. Silk: smooth and comfortable texture, fashionable and noble, is a classic material for sexy underwear.

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2. Lallings: The lace material is unique, light and breathable, and is widely used on the sexy underwear of branches, bellybands, thongs and other types.

3. Fish Net: The fish net material is cool and flexible, especially suitable for summer wearing. It can show the perfect figure of the beauty.

Sexual Emotional Lingerie Matching Skills

1. Stockings with high heels: A pair of sexy high heels and a pair of sexy stockings can give you a lot of points.

2. Harmonious matching with underwear: Underwear and necklaces, bracelets and other accessories should be coordinated. Do not use fancy and jumping colors to match.

3. Rococo installation: With an elegant and elegant long skirt, it is really perfect, and it is also a favorite match for European and American beauty.

The moment when European and American beauty wears sexy underwear

1. Celebrating achievements: For example, the promotion of work, good work performance, etc. are all the moments of European and American beauty wearing sexy underwear.

2. Important occasions: Large occasions such as dinner, high -level clubs, etc., you wear a set of beautiful sexy underwear, which will definitely add a lot of charm to yourself and your boyfriend.

How to maintain the freshness of sexual and emotional underwear?

1. You should wash your underwear. Do not use washing machines and dryers.

2. After taking off the underwear, you should immediately soak it into the closet, so the taste will not be too obvious.

3. Try to avoid wearing underwear outside, otherwise it will speed up the wear speed of underwear.

Sexual Emotional Fun Underwear Price

The price of sexy underwear is different from the brand and material.The brand is more guaranteed and the price is higher, but no matter what the price, good sexual emotional and interesting underwear should be a choice for both quality guarantee and sexy.

Views of Sexual Emotion

Sexual feelings are the choice of sexuality and Meilong.It can not only increase the fun of sex, but also help women show their sexy and charm.At the same time, we should follow our own preferences to choose a sexual and erotic underwear that is suitable for ourselves, and we don’t have to ignore our comfort and self -confidence in order to pursue forms.Only on the basis of comfort and confidence can we better pursue the life we want.