Sex underwear statistics data

Sex underwear statistics data

Sex underwear statistics data

Market scale analysis

In recent years, the sexy underwear market has been heating up. According to industry research data, in 2019, the domestic sex underwear market has exceeded 40 billion yuan, and it is expected that by 2025 to more than 80 billion yuan.

Overview of product category

There are many types of sexy underwear, which can be classified according to gender, material, style and other.According to gender, it can usually be divided into men’s sexy underwear and women’s sexy underwear.According to the material, including stockings, lace, cotton, leather, etc.In terms of style, it can be divided into sexy, cute, healthy, etc.

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Women’s sexy underwear market performance

The female sex lingerie market has always been the leading market.At present, as domestic women have increased demand for their own curves, the women’s sex underwear market has become more active.In 2019, China’s women’s sex underwear market share more than 90%.

Men’s sexy underwear market performance

Although the men’s sex underwear market is much smaller than the women’s sex lingerie market, it is also constantly developing.According to research, the male sex lingerie market is expected to increase by more than 40%in 2025. Among them, sexy underwear characterized by low cost, soft, comfortable, and naturally is welcomed by men.

Online sales growth trend

Online sales have gradually become the main way for sex underwear sales.In 2019, the sales of online sex underwear markets increased by more than 50%year -on -year, accounting for 65%of the market share.It is expected that by 2025, the market share on the sex underwear line will exceed 80%.

Analysis of the characteristics of sales channels

At present, the sales channels of the sex underwear market are very diverse. In addition to traditional physical store sales, it also includes e -commerce platforms, social platforms, Taobao, and Douyin.Among them, the e -commerce platform is currently the most important sales channel. It is expected that by 2025, the market size of the sexy underwear e -commerce market will increase to 200 billion yuan.

Analysis of brand competition status quo

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At present, the competition in the domestic sex underwear market brand is becoming increasingly fierce, and competition is mainly reflected in product quality, price and services.Well -known brands include Lafang, Avilan, Star Diamond, etc. They usually use online and offline combination to carry out business, expanding their influence through brand promotion, marketing promotion and other means.

Consumer portrait feature analysis

The consumer groups of sexy underwear are mostly young people aged 25-35, especially full-time women and urban elites among young people.They pay attention to their tastes, sexy and confident.In terms of gender proportions, women Dominants, male second, is also growing.In addition, in terms of consumption, they pay attention to product quality, price and brand guarantee.

Future Trends Outlook

The market outlook for the sex underwear market will be inspiring, and the market will continue to expand and it is expected that it will maintain a high speed in the next 5 years.Especially in the case of increasing market competition, the brand needs to continue to enhance its competitive advantage, such as improving product quality, reducing prices, and enhancing consumer experience.

Analysis of social and legal influence

One of the main problems facing the sex underwear market is social acceptance and legal restrictions.In China, sexy lingerie is facing many restrictions, sales and even manufacturing.However, with the change of people’s concepts and the gradually relaxing the law, the prospects of the sex underwear market will be wider.


In the future, the sex underwear market is full of opportunities, consumers’ requirements for quality are getting higher and higher, and the brand needs to continuously improve the quality and services of products to adapt to market changes.At the same time, under the limitations of legal and social factors, the brand needs to find more effective marketing and promotion methods to enhance the brand’s influence.