Sex underwear picture review time

Sex underwear picture review time

The necessity of sexy underwear picture review

With the popularity of the Internet, more and more sexy underwear sellers choose to sell online, so displaying product pictures online has become an important means of sales.However, erotic underwear is a special product. If united photos are displayed online at will, it will have a large adverse impact on minors.

The necessity of sexy underwear picture review time

The time for the review of sexy underwear is also an inevitable problem.Surong the rapidly growing e -commerce industry, which must comply with the goal of protecting consumer rights and meeting national laws and regulations, which requires us to review product pictures in the shortest time.

Standards for sex underwear picture review time

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Generally speaking, the standard for reviewing product pictures includes the sexy lingerie styles, sexy degree, age and gender of the model displayed by the photos.If the picture fails to meet the standard, it will be reviewed within a certain time.

Specific procedures for sex underwear pictures review time

The process of sex underwear picture review time usually includes the following steps:

STEP 1: Seed underwear seller submits product pictures to the website background management system.

STEP 2: The background management system sends product pictures to the audit administrator.

STEP 3: The review administrator will review the picture and determine whether it meets the picture review standard.

STEP 4: If the picture review fails, it will notify the love underwear seller.

Step 5: The seller will modify the picture that does not meet the standard, and then submit it to the background management system to wait for the review again.

Time limit for sex underwear picture review


The time for each sexy underwear seller to review pictures is usually limited, which is often to reduce consumer waiting time.

The specific review time is different from the platform, and the review time is usually within 24 hours.If the amount of pictures reviewed by the reviewer is too large, it may be delayed.Therefore, sexy underwear sellers need to pay attention to their own shops, replace the expiration in time, and look forward to the review of sexy underwear pictures.

How to pass the review as soon as possible

In order to be able to pass the review as soon as possible, sex underwear sellers can prepare some precautions.First of all, it is necessary to check the picture review standards set by the platform, choose the appropriate sexy lingerie style and model, and put on a basic posture.At the same time, photographers need to use more professional cameras and lighting equipment when shooting to ensure the clarity and accuracy of the photo.

Interesting underwear picture review difficulties encountered

The strict degree of erotic underwear picture review requirements and the number of reviews will affect its review time and pass rate.In addition, there may be differences in the audit standards between platforms, affecting the operating efficiency of the seller.

How to improve the approval rate of sexy underwear picture review rate

In order to increase the approval rate, the only way is to understand the platform’s audit standards as much as possible.Although the platform’s regulations cannot be announced in detail, sex underwear sellers can make a simple analysis based on some successful cases to understand whether the sexy level of the platform requires the picture is too much, whether the age of review, quality and other factors, and prepare in advance.Reduce unnecessary review failed.

in conclusion

The review time of sexy underwear is a very important task for sellers because it involves the health of minors and relevant regulations on national laws and regulations.If you can take measures to effectively reduce the emergence of unqualified pictures and learn more suitable publicity methods, this can make the operating conditions of sex underwear sellers more stable, and can better serve consumers’ needs.