Original purple sex underwear transparent picture

Original purple sex underwear transparent picture

Understand the original purple sex underwear transparent style

The original purple sex lingerie brand is a well -known local sexy underwear brand in China. In recent years, it has been favored.Among them, its transparent style has attracted much attention.The original purple sex underwear of transparent style includes a variety of styles such as transparent special lace underwear suits, transparent coach, transparent erotic pajamas, transparent jumpsuits and transparent sexy rabbit girl clothes.

Transparent special lace underwear suit

The transparent special lace underwear suit is one of the very popular styles in the original purple sex lingerie.It uses a high -quality Traite fabric, showing the body curve of women to the fullest, and at the same time, it reveals a touch of mystery and increases the sexy atmosphere.Its set includes bra, panties, and socks, which perfectly shows women’s slender leg lines.

Transparent corset

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The transparent corset belongs to the more conservative style in the original purple erotic underwear, but it is also full of sexy taste.It uses transparent fabrics to perfectly present the lines of women’s chests, and at the same time it will not appear too exposed. It is one of the sexy underwear that is very suitable for daily wear.

Transparent erotic pajamas

Transparent erotic pajamas are the night styles in the original purple sex underwear. Use transparent fabrics to make women feel very sexy, charming and gentle while putting on it.Transparent erotic pajamas generally include two parts: top and pants. After putting it on, women look more charming, and they can also play a role in increasing interest in interesting life.

Transparent jumpsuit

Transparent jumpsuit is a original purple erotic lingerie style with a very sexy taste.It is characterized by the fabric mainly made of single -layer transparent mesh, which shows the curve of the female body perfectly, making women look full of temptation.There are many styles of transparent jumpsuits, which can be selected according to women’s needs.

Transparent sex rabbit girl dress

The transparent sex rabbit girl dress is one of the most representative styles in the original purple sexy underwear.It is a very strong sexy and playful sexy underwear, which is mostly used in sex performances or activities.It usually includes a small amount of feathers, silk belts and underwear elements, focusing on visual effects and wearing comfort.

How to choose the original purple sex underwear

Choosing the original purple sex underwear that suits you needs to choose according to your needs and figure.First, choose the appropriate fabric according to the amount of sweat, and second, choose the style according to the preferences of your male/girlfriend, and finally choose the appropriate size and style according to your figure.

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How to maintain the original purple sexy underwear

In addition to buying the right original purple erotic underwear, you also need to pay attention to how to perform correct maintenance.First of all, you need to follow the washing standard for correct cleaning. Do not use more than 30 degrees of hot water washing, and you cannot use a powerful cleaning agent. Second, you need to avoid mixing with other clothes.Use an iron for processing, otherwise the fabric and sexy degree of sexy underwear may be affected.

The price of the original purple sex underwear

The price of the original purple sex underwear is close to the current market price and has the same price range.The specific price is different due to different styles and sizes, but in general, the price of the original purple sex underwear is very reasonable and within the scope of economic tolerance.

Suggestions for choosing the original purple sex underwear

For those who buy the original purple sex underwear for the first time, you can choose some styles with a low degree of sexy or conservatively to try it. This can better adapt to the way of dressing of sexy underwear.A favorite style.In addition, it is recommended to go to a regular sexy underwear store when buying, which can ensure that the purchased sexy underwear is high -quality and security.


The transparent style of the original purple sex underwear has a unique sexy taste and charm, which is very popular in nightlife and interesting life.When buying, pay attention to your own needs and figure. Correct maintenance can ensure the life of sexy underwear, and choose a regular sexy underwear store to get better guarantee.