My boyfriend bought sexy underwear and asked me to wear

My boyfriend bought sexy underwear and asked me to wear

My boyfriend bought sexy underwear

When your boyfriend bought a sexy underwear for you, even if you already know and have a variety of styles of sex underwear, you will feel a little embarrassed and confused.Don’t worry, follow the following steps, you will feel more confident and comfortable.

Understand the style of love underwear

The style of sexy underwear is strange, from sexy lace to SM style and so on.Look at the styles before trying to wear your boyfriend’s stockings to make sure it is suitable for your body and personality preference.

Ensure comfort

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For any underwear, comfort is the most important.Before wearing a sexy underwear, confirm whether its fabric and size are suitable for your body. After all, when you are wearing a sexy underwear naked, you want to feel comfortable, not discomfort.

Rebuild confidence

Wearing sexy underwear is a reflection of confidence.When you put on it, you should feel very sexy and beautiful.If you lack self -confidence, you can help yourself get rid of tension and anxiety by making some self -preparation.

Consider personal style

Although your boyfriend gives you sex underwear, you still have to consider your own personal style.If you don’t want to wear too much exposure, you can choose some sexy but conservative styles.Remember, don’t lose your own style because of your boyfriend’s preference.

Try slowly

If you are not very experienced, you can start with simple underwear, such as stockings and lace bra.Wait for you to adapt slowly, and then consider wearing some more challenging underwear.

Try to match different clothing

Interest underwear can be matched with different clothing, such as high heels, boots, black leather skirts, and so on.Matching appropriate clothing can make you more sexy and improve your confidence.

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Enjoy the process

Wearing a sexy underwear is a very special experience. It is very important to enjoy the pleasure it brings to you and the kind of physical and mental joy.Don’t forget to smile and breathe, relax your body and mood.

Tell your boyfriend psychological experience

If you really don’t like to wear sexy underwear, tell your boyfriend in time.You can look for another way of sex that is more suitable for you.Don’t violate your wishes, because indulging yourself is the basis of sex.


Sex underwear is a good enjoyment and experience for some people, but not everyone likes or suitable.Before you try sexy underwear, think about it.If you really want to try, then relax your body and mind and enjoy this very special experience.