European and American sex lingerie ranking ladies


European and American sexy underwear is a striking underwear, which aims to improve the charm of women and make them more confident.These underwear styles are very colorful, allowing women to choose different styles according to occasions or personal preferences.In this article, we will introduce the list of European and American sexy underwear.

classic style

In European and American sexy underwear, the classic style is very popular.The most common features of these styles are made of lace, silk, and mesh materials. Common styles include bra, suspenders, shoulders, G string pants, etc.Their advantages are sexy and fashionable, suitable for any occasion, whether it is fun or dinner party.

External wear

Wearing sexy underwear is an increasingly popular trend, which aims to make women show themselves bolder.These styles are usually equipped with perforation to expose the unique shape of the chest and hips, allowing women to exude a unique charm.If you want to be more attractive in a nightclub or closed environment, wearing sexy underwear is a very good choice.


Retro -style sexy underwear mainly uses cotton, shiny tassels, and black and red tones to make women emit a dignified temperament.These styles usually include high -waisted tight bras, lace dresses, etc., which also contain a touch of mystery at the same time.If you want to show your sexy and do not want to be too exposed, retro -style sexy underwear is a very good choice.

Net socks series

The net socks in European and American sex lingerie are a very unique style, and their advantages are sexy and sexy.These styles are usually paired with lace or silk suits, allowing you to show your sexiest side in bed.If you want to attract the attention of others, these styles are a very good choice.

Sports series

The sports series in European and American sexy underwear is a set of styles that are very suitable for sports enthusiasts. They can provide the greatest comfort and very sexy.These styles are usually very suitable for sports on materials and appearance, allowing you to show your sexiest side in exercise.If you like fitness and want to maintain sexy, then these styles are very good choices.

Spring Series

In the spring series of sexy underwear, the main design is mainly light and dynamic design. The common materials are silk or lace. Its advantages are light, elegant and sexy.These styles are very suitable for wearing summer or garden party, which can increase the temptation of women without appearing too much.

in conclusion

There are many different styles and options in European and American sexy underwear, and the specific conditions and preferences of each woman are different.Whether you like classic styles, sports series, external wear or net socks series, you can find a sexy underwear that suits you.The most important thing is that when choosing a sexy underwear, you must choose according to your own style and personal preference to ensure the best wear effect.

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