Domestic sex lingerie show showing Yin ditch video

The background of the domestic erotic underwear shows the yin ditch video

In recent years, the market for domestic sex lingerie has gradually grown and has been constantly promoted.Among them, the sexy underwear show has become an important promotion method.Recently, the "showing gap" in some sexy lingerie shows has caused a lot of discussions and controversy.

What is a gap

The gutter is a specific location of the human reproductive organs and abdomen, and it can also be interpreted as the part of the two thighs.Many people think that the gutter is a symbol of sexy, but some people think that it is an immoral behavior that deliberately showing the gap in the sex underwear show.

The phenomenon of the gap in the domestic sex lingerie show

In the domestic sexy underwear show, some models deliberately lowered their waist, swing their shapes, stretch their bodies, and show the gap.Such actions are too exposed and inappropriate to some viewers, forming controversy.

The meaning of the gap

In the fun underwear show, the gap may be designed to highlight the design and quality of the underwear, or to attract the attention and increase the influence, and also win more scores and rewards for the model.In some cases, yin ditch can also become excessive sexy performance.

How to display foreign sex underwear show

Unlike the domestic sexy lingerie show, foreign sex lingerie shows use more professional and artistic performance forms. They pay attention to the effect of underwear design and model presentation, which has nothing to do with the content of "exposed meat" and "yin ditch".

Social response

The behavior of Yin ditch has caused social reactions. Some people criticize this is an irresponsible manifestation, while others believe that this is a manifestation of free expression.

Balance the rights and interests of the brand and protect the audience

As a sexy underwear designer and manufacturer, the relationship between highlighting the brand image and protecting the rights of the audience should not be pursued too much.The sexy lingerie show should pay attention to the design and quality of the underwear, showing the elegance and beauty of the model.

The audience’s self -control ability and management

The audience should also be constrained and managed to avoid excessive indulging in pornography and vulgar content.At the same time, supervision and social supervision on the field are also essential.


The domestic sexy underwear market will continue to prosper and develop, and the sex lingerie show will also become an important way for brand promotion and product promotion.However, we should treat the phenomenon displayed by the gap, balance the relationship between business and morality, and create a more pure and free atmosphere.

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