Boyfriend Taobao bought a set of sexy underwear

Boyfriend Taobao bought a set of sexy underwear


Recently, my boyfriend Taobao bought a set of sexy underwear, which surprised me.We have never tried this kind of sex toy, so I am a little confused about the styles of underwear and pairing shoes and socks.I started to study this topic in order to add some stimulus and freshness to our private life.

Understand the affair

Sex underwear is a tool for many couples to enhance their sexual relationships.This underwear has many different styles and materials, including lace, mesh, leather and silk.The design of sexy underwear sometimes emphasizes the specific parts of the body, such as the chest or hip to stimulate the other party’s visual experience.

Choose sexy underwear

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Choosing sexy underwear can be a very personalized process because everyone’s preferences are different.If you buy it for the first time, try to choose simple styles, such as basic lace underwear or sexy silk underwear.If you want to spend shopping, you can choose to be more challenging, such as lace mini skirts or leather corset.Consider choosing underwear similar to the body color or strong contrast.


Shoes and socks with sexy underwear can enhance the overall effect.Try black fish net socks or sandals, with detailed stockings or high heels.The color of shoes and socks can be matched with underwear or compare.

Consider temperature

Many sexy underwear is designed for visual and sensory experience, not for comfort.Therefore, consider how long you and your partner want to wear underwear.If you try underwear in winter, consider matching your jacket or sweater.

Save sexies

Interest underwear should be saved with other fine clothes, such as silk scarves and sweater.Put in dry, cool, and no sunlight.Avoid blending with other clothes, because lace is easy to damage.

Pay attention to health

If your sexy underwear is used to use it with your partner, make sure to wash.Before use, it is best to use lemon juice or white vinegar to prepare underwear, which helps reduce skin sensitivity or itching.


Pairing discussion

It is very important to discuss when you try sexy underwear with your partner.Try different styles and ask your partner’s feelings and ideas.This attempt can enhance your trust and intimacy.

Best Practices

Considering that each of us is unique, it is the best effect and requires our own practice and experience.Sometimes the best way is to relax, try some new things, and see what it has.

in conclusion

Sexy underwear is a good way to enhance sexual life between couples.The selected style and pairing shoes and socks can enhance sexy and irritating.However, we should pay attention to protecting our bodies and discuss new things to try with our partners to enhance intimacy and trust.