Beauty star’s sexy underwear

Beauty star’s sexy underwear

With the progress of the times and the opening of culture, more and more women have begun to pay attention to their sexy and charm.As a sexual hint of clothing, sexy underwear has also begun to become popular among women.In the celebrity world, many beautiful stars have exposed their love underwear.Below, let’s take a look at the interesting underwear shows of these stars.

1. Zhang Yuqi’s lace sexy underwear

Zhang Yuqi has always been the spokesperson of Chinese underwear brands, and naturally loves sexy underwear.On her INS account, some sexy sexy underwear photos are posted from time to time.Most of her favorite styles are lace materials and hollow design sexy underwear. Wearing it will give people a mysterious and tempting feeling.

2. Liu Wen’s sexy hollowed out clothes

As a representative of the supermodel industry, Liu Wen is naturally the most fashionable and eagerness.On her social media account, she often showed some photos of her own wear.Among them, there are many sexy sexy underwear.Most of the designs she likes have hollow elements, but they are sexy but elegant.

Third, Fan Bingbing’s perspective sexy underwear

Fan Bingbing has always been a clear stream in the entertainment industry in China, but her dress is becoming more and more sexy.When she attended various evenings, she would wear some see -through -style sexy underwear from time to time to increase her charm.These perspective sexy underwear can cover the shortcomings of the body, but also bring unexpected surprises.

Fourth, Fan Bingbing’s bellyband sexy underwear

In addition to the sexy underwear of the perspective style, Fan Bingbing also likes belly to sexy underwear.This underwear is completely exposed to the parts between the chest and the belly, which is shocking and elegant at the same time.

5. Jia Jingwen’s silk sexy underwear

Jia Jingwen is a 46 -year -old mother -level star, but her figure and temperament are not lost at all.She likes women with full taste and soft and light material.She is especially in love with elegant materials such as silk and lace.

6. Lin Zhiling’s blue erotic lingerie

Even Lin Zhiling, who is already married, will still choose some sexy erotic underwear to increase his charm when attending major events.In color, her favorite is the blue sexy underwear.Conservative but elegant.

Seven, Yao Di’s double -row buckle sexy underwear

As a powerful actor, Yao Di not only has superb acting skills, but also has a high -level fashion taste.Her favorite erotic underwear design is a double -row deduction style, which has a strong wrapping but also sexy.

8. Liu Shishi’s black sex lingerie

Liu Shishi has always been known for its fresh and natural image, but she also has her sexy side.In the eyes of her fans, her sexiest is the appearance of wearing black sexy underwear.Black is the most mysterious and tempting color.

Nine, Yang Mi’s lace sexy underwear

Yang Mi is one of the spokespersons of the Chinese underwear brand. She is naturally self -evident about her love underwear.The most suitable for her is the material of lace, which is both sexy and noble.These lace sexy underwear can highlight Yang Mi’s sweet image, and can add a sexy charm.

Ten, Song Qian’s golden sexy lingerie

As a goddess -level star, Song Qian’s fashion taste has always been noticeable.The biggest feature of her favorite lingerie style is the golden color.Gold is a noble and mysterious color, showing gorgeous temperament on her.


Everyone’s preference for sexy underwear is different, and the wearing of these beautiful stars shows us a variety of different sexy underwear design.Whether you are sweet or sexy, you can find a sexy lingerie style that suits you.As a modern woman, choosing a sexy underwear that suits you can not only show your charm, but also enhance self -confidence and self -satisfaction.

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