Actress wearing sexy underwear movies

Actress wearing sexy underwear movies

In recent years, more and more actresses have appeared in sexy lingerie in the movie, showing sexy and beauty.These actresses have not only attracted much attention because of their talents, but also attracted much attention because of their sexy shapes.In this article, we will discuss some actresses wearing sexy underwear and analyzing the elements of fashion and aesthetic elements.

Angelina Julie

Angelina Jolie’s character image in "The Devil’slet" is sexy and confident.In the movie, she appeared in a black lace sexy underwear, showing her charm and sexy.Black lace is one of the classic elements of sexy underwear. Its color and texture are very suitable for expressing the mysterious and tempting atmosphere.

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johnson is one of the actresses in the film industry. She plays the Red Witch in "Captain America 2".In the movie, she wore a black milk sticker as underwear.This sexy underwear is more avant -garde for traditional underwear, reducing the restraint when wearing.At the same time, black colors are easier to match her character image in the movie.

Emma Watson

Emma Watson broke the traditional princess image in "Beauty and Beast". Belle she played was not only brave but bold.At a Disney -style rotating ball in the movie, she appeared in a pale pink sexy underwear, showing her bold and unruly side.Light pink is another common color of sexy underwear, because it is good at showing the tenderness of women, which is in line with the character image of Emma Watson in the movie.

Kate Winlitt

Kate Wentonlet is a very influential star among the stars. Her role in "Titanic" is very aura.In the movie, Kate wears dark blue sexy clothes and dated Jack with romantic dating. Her shape highlights the character’s softness and youthful vitality.The color of this underwear provides a novel choice for women with tall and youthful temperament.

Jennifer Lawrence

In the Galaxy Guardian, Jennifer Lawrence wore a yellow tall sexy underwear to play Mora.This color and shape broke the tradition in the movie. With silver armor, her character image was more special and unforgettable.

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek is a legendary actress of Hollywood. Her talent and beauty have led a group of Cruz girls in history.In her movie "Red Fire", she was wearing a yellow lace stitch bra. The color and shape of this underwear made her very recognizable in the movie.

Britney Murphy

Britney Murphy’s role in the movie "Brother" is suffocating.In the movie, she was wearing a high -necked and off -shoulder sexy underwear, which made her look more charming.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba plays Susan Stom in "The Four Heroes". This role makes people realize her beauty and talent.In the movie, she wore white sexy clothes to show her elegance and temperament.

Lisa Taylor

In her film "Cat Woman", Lisa Taylor wore a black sexy underwear and the brooch engraved with her first letter.This underwear is full of historical significance, and it symbolizes women’s attention and pursuit of their physical rights.

in conclusion

Generally speaking, the actresses who wear sexy underwear have made us see a variety of different styles and styles.Sex underwear has increased a lot of scores for the personality and characteristics of the film character, making their image more vivid and vivid.We hope that these actresses can continue to show us their glamorous charm and bring us more visual impact and creative design.

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