2014 French sex lingerie show

2014 French sex lingerie show


In the fashion industry, the French sex lingerie show has always been a highly anticipated event.Every year, many designers and models participate in it, showing the latest sexy underwear design concepts and style trends.In 2014, the French erotic underwear show has attracted much attention and has become one of the most topical fashion events in that year.


The theme of French sex lingerie show in 2014 is "flowers and fantasy".Participating designers must cleverly blend wild flowers, gardening and natural elements with sexy underwear design to create a mysterious, romantic, feminine and modern atmosphere.

design style

Participating designers all showed unique and unique design styles.Some designers like simple styles, emphasizing the smoothness of lines and outlines; there are some designers prefer details and the use of lace, making sexy underwear more feminine and romantic.

Fabric and accessories

In the choice of fabrics, the participating designers often choose some high -end fabrics, such as silk and lace.In terms of accessories, some designers pay more attention to details. They like to use diamonds, beads and other decorations on the details of the pants, buttons, and suspenders of sexy underwear.

Light and music

In addition to the erotic underwear design itself, the effect of lighting and music is also very important.In the 2014 French erotic underwear show, the contestants paid special attention to the stage effect, creating a dreamy atmosphere through changing lights and beautiful music.

Model selection and performance

The models on the French sex lingerie show require that not only should they be good, they must also have a certain performance ability.They need to show the sexy underwear designed by the designer in the sexy underwear show, allowing the audience to appreciate each detail and characteristics of it.

Audience response and influence

In the hearts of the audience, the French sex lingerie show has always been a stylish and sexy representative.Most of the audience’s design of the designers is highly agreed, thinking that these sexy underwear can fully show women’s independence and sexy, creating a self -confidence and beautiful image for women.

Future Outlook

French sex lingerie show has become part of the fashion industry, and the 2014 sex lingerie show makes people see the huge potential and future of sexy underwear design.In the future, the trend of sexy underwear design will more emphasize multi -dimensional pursuits such as women’s practicality, materiality and conceptuality, making sexy underwear a must -have for women’s beauty and health.


The 2014 French erotic underwear show is unforgettable. The design style and inspiration of various designers make the fashion underwear, a new vitality.We look forward to more erotic underwear design and display in the future, so that the fashionable product of sexy underwear is moving towards a wider world.

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