Will boys exclude sexy underwear?


Interest underwear is considered a way to enhance emotional and physical attractiveness. They have aesthetic and stimulating effects.However, some men may be rejected.This is because in many society, sexy underwear is still regarded as an item that is not suitable for displaying in public places, and may even be considered as shame.Therefore, this article will discuss whether boys will reject the reasons for sexy underwear and how to overcome this exclusion emotion.

Influence of social concepts

Many men may have a sense of rejection of sexy underwear because of their social concepts, because for them, sexy underwear is more like personal items, not fashion items that can be displayed publicly.In some rigorous culture, even China, sexy underwear is taboo in public.

cultural background

Cultural background will also affect whether men accept sexy underwear.For example, in some Asian countries, underwear is considered a private item and should be hidden instead of displaying it.In some European and American countries, people are more accustomed to showing their bodies in bikini, swimming trunks and sexy underwear.This difference in cultural background may have different attitudes.

Gender culture

The gender culture of men and women also affects men’s acceptance of sexy underwear.In some traditional cultures, men should play more conservative and controlled roles, while women should play a more passive and gentle role.In this culture, women wear sexy sexy underwear, as if they are challenging traditional male and female characters, which also makes some boys feel uncomfortable.


Boys’ gender orientation may also affect their acceptance of sexy underwear.For example, for some boys, they may be more interested in homosexual attraction, so they may be boring or exclusive to the sexy underwear of the opposite sex.

Personal concept

Boys’ personal concepts will also affect the acceptance of sexy underwear.Some boys may have exclusion of sexy underwear, because they think that this underwear is too exposed, or they may make people see their private parts.However, some boys also like them because they feel sexy underwear.

Attitude towards women

Boys’ attitude towards women may also affect their acceptance of sexy underwear.For boys who think women should not exert their sexy charm independently, sexy underwear may not seem to be healthy, or it is inconsistent with their expectations for women.

Education and family background

Education and family background may also affect boys’ acceptance of sexy underwear.Boys who have suffered more education may be more open, casual and tolerant, and are more willing to try new things.In terms of family background, some boys may be affected by conservative and traditional culture in the process of growth, resulting in rejection of sexy underwear.

Personal preference

In the end, the personal preference for boys may be an important factor in whether they accept sex underwear.Some boys may think that the sexy underwear is too sexy and is not suitable for their physical structure or their own personality.And some other boys may feel that sexy underwear is very attractive and very suitable for their preferences.

in conclusion

Overall, whether boys will exclude sexy underwear depends on the comprehensive impact of multiple factors.From social concepts and cultural backgrounds to personal preferences and attitudes towards women, each factor may affect the attitude of boys.However, before trying to wear sexy underwear, the most important thing is to understand the comfort of yourself and others.The correct way is to respect the feelings of yourself and others, and don’t force yourself and others to make any uncomfortable compromise in sexy.

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