Why is there a small bell on the neck of sexy underwear?

Why is there a small bell on the neck of sexy underwear?

Whether you are a woman who likes to wear sexy underwear or a man who is curious about sexy underwear, you may want to know why sexy underwear is equipped with a small bell on the neck.In this article, we will discuss this issue and solve doubts!

The role of bell

Interest underwear often installs a small bell on the neck, which is usually to increase interest, which is even more exciting.When the bell is shaken gently, it makes a crisp sound, which brings fun to the sexy underwear wearer and her/his partner.For those who like to accept visual and auditory stimuli, the bells in sexy underwear can increase their stimulus.

Historical origin

The use of small bells in fun underwear has a long history.In ancient times, some dance performances and rituals needed to wear bell decorative clothing, which is usually to attract attention and enhance the sense of ritual.Today, in many sexy underwear, the little bell has become a traditional symbol, adding an ancient and mysterious feeling to many sexy lingerie.

Market demand for sex underwear and small bells

The production market for sex underwear and its bells is very large, because these products have attractive and interesting elements, suitable for some people who try to add fun to themselves or partners.Since sex underwear has been slowly accepted by the public, market demand has gradually increased, and it has brought more and more different sexy underwear types and styles. Many of them are equipped with small bells to increase the fun experience of wearers and partners.

The material of the small bell

The material of the bell is usually metal or plastic.Metal bells are more durable than plastic bells, and they also make more crisp sounds.However, the bells of the plastic material will be lighter and cheap, suitable for some sexy underwear that does not require high quality.

Number of small bells

The number of small bells on sexy underwear usually depends on the length and style of sexy underwear.For some short -style sexy underwear, only one bell will bring enough fun to the wearer and partner.For other erotic underwear, multiple bells may be installed to increase irritation.

The color of the little bell

Usually the color of the bell of sex underwear matches the color of the sexy underwear to make the underwear more neat.However, some brands also produce some bright colors and flashes of bells, because they can make sexy underwear more interesting.

Type of small bell

The common type of small bells is round and heart -shaped. However, some brands will also launch some other patterned and shape bells to increase the diversity of sexy underwear.

Small bell

The small bells on the sexy underwear can have various sizes and sizes.For example, the bells on some sexy underwear are greater than the bells on other erotic underwear, making the bell more conspicuous, which is easier to attract attention.

in conclusion

Little bells in sexy underwear are a traditional symbol of increasing interest.For those who like to experience visual and auditory stimuli, the bells on sexy underwear can increase their stimulus.The material, quantity, color, type, and size of the bell will affect the overall effect of sexy underwear.By understanding this information, you can choose the sexy underwear that is best for you and your partner, so that you can enjoy more fun and fun!

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