Who is the model of sexy underwear on Taobao?

Taobao sex underwear model identity

The sexy underwear sold on Taobao needs to be displayed and took photos. These photos are usually displayed by professional models.But in many cases, the models of sexy underwear on Taobao are actually provided by ordinary sellers or friends.In a few cases, some famous models will accept the invitation of Taobao sellers to take photos of sexy underwear.

Professional model or amateur model?

For sexy underwear manufacturers or brands, they usually hire professional models to show their products.These models are often young women with a slim figure and outstanding appearance, and they have professional photography skills and expressiveness.For ordinary Taobao sellers, they are more inclined to use amateur models, such as their friends or enthusiasts who know how to make money.These models often do not have professional training, and their expression is relatively poor, but they sometimes know their products better.

The requirements for Taobao sex underwear models

Whether it is a professional model or amateur model, there are some basic requirements in the Taobao sex underwear industry:

Sexy body.This is a necessary condition for showing erotic underwear, which requires the model to have sexy and temperament.

Beautiful face.This is another important condition that is designed to shape a cute and sexy image.

Photography skills.Models need to understand how to make light, angle and effect in the photo.

Friendly and actively cooperate with the seller.Models need to have an attitude of being willing to take pictures in person and cooperate with the seller.

Taobao sex underwear model shooting environment

Taking sexy underwear photos requires a good environment, and the seller needs to choose a place where you can provide a clear background and good light.If the model is shot without enough light, the seller can consider using some lighting equipment to provide light.In addition, a professional shooting platform can also ensure the quality of the photo.

Proper sexy underwear

For sexy underwear models, it is essential to wear suitable erotic underwear.Models need to pay attention to choosing a suitable size underwear, and do not let the underwear cause unnatural effects, and avoid wrinkles and squeezing.

filming time

It takes a lot of time to take sex underwear photos.Because of multiple factors such as clothing, makeup, hairstyle and scenes.It usually takes several hours to shoot the entire process.For models, you need to maintain your own state to avoid excessive energy.

Later treatment

Under normal circumstances, photos taken by sellers need to be processed later.This includes adjusting the color, brightness, contrast and clarity of the photo.For the later processing of the photo, some technical treatment is required to make it look better.

The relationship between the model and the seller

The cooperation between sellers and models is based on teamwork and trust.The seller must polite and respect the model. At the same time, the buyer must understand the model’s needs and restrictions to ensure that the shooting process is smooth.

The importance of sexy underwear display

The show of sexy underwear is very important to the seller. These photos must be clear, easy to see details and authenticity.For buyers, sexy underwear photos are the main guidance they choose products.Therefore, it is very important to maintain enthusiasm and professionalism for sellers and models taking sexy underwear photos.


Although most sexy underwear models are amateur models made by sellers or their friends, more experience in the industry is more from professional models. They usually have more knowledge and skills needed to show sex underwear.With the development of this industry, sexy underwear manufacturers and brands may hire more and more professional models to make their products more attractive and get more business opportunities.

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