Who do you usually write in sex underwear?


Recently, many people have a strong interest in sexy underwear, but when they buy these underwear, many people have encountered a question: Who should buy a sex underwear sender?This seems to be a trivial problem, but many people still don’t know how to deal with it.Let’s discuss this problem below.

Proposal of Taobao sex underwear merchants

First of all, Taobao sex underwear merchants recommend buyers not to write the sender as themselves.Because no matter how you like sexy underwear, these underwear are still a personal item.In the delivery of courier, neighbors or family members, you don’t want them to know that you have bought sexy underwear.Therefore, Taobao sex underwear merchants suggest to write the sender as friends or family.

Write a friend’s name

Some people may choose to write a friend’s name.This method can indeed protect your privacy, but it may also cause some trouble.First of all, you must confirm that your friends are willing to help you do this.Secondly, you need to choose a reliable friend to ensure that he/she will inform you the time when your courier arrives in time.

Write the name of the family

Another option is to use your family’s name as the sender.The advantage of this is that it is easy to let your family know the parcel you received, and it can also protect your privacy.However, if your family is not very open or traditional, this method may make you very embarrassing.

Write a company name

Many people also chose to use their own company’s name as the sender.This method can indeed protect your privacy and don’t need to worry about other issues, but if you live in a dormitory or rental house, this method may bring the problem to the company.

Write a fictional name

Some people will choose to write a fictional name as the sender.This method seems perfect, but it will inevitably make the courier or others doubt, because they cannot confirm whether the person is true.In addition, if logistics problems occur, you cannot contact the sender.

Write the address of the courier self -lifting point

Finally, you can also choose to write the address of the courier self -lifting point.This method is very convenient because you don’t need to worry about any privacy issues, and you can pick up the goods within your own time.However, you need to ensure that you can reach your self -lifting point in time and take away the items.

Common error

Some people write their names (such as Xiao Zheng and Mr. Zheng) because they have not found other names. This approach not only does not protect personal privacy, but also may be misunderstood as an indecent incident.Some people will directly write "sexy underwear" as the name of the product, which makes the sexy underwear may be placed outside the package.


When buying sexy underwear, buyers should choose a way that can protect privacy without causing doubt.It is a safer choice to write the sender as a friend or family.If you don’t want to disclose this secret to your family or friends, you can choose to write a company name or self -raising address.However, in order to protect personal privacy, do not choose to use your name as a sender.

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