What will happen to the fat man who wears fun underwear?

What happens to the fat people wearing fun underwear?

With the increasing popularity of erotic underwear, more and more people have begun to wear sexy underwear to add emotional and passion.However, for some fat people, wearing sexy underwear is a bit incredible.So, what happens that fat people wear fun underwear?

1. Body flaws are more prominent

Wearing erotic underwear will expose the defects on the body, such as obese belly, relaxed arms, etc. These flaws will be more prominent, making your figure look more beautiful.

Second, body asymmetry

For fat people, the asymmetry of the figure may be more obvious than ordinary people.When wearing sexy underwear, it will highlight this, such as different chest size, improper thighs, and so on.

Third, self -confidence is frustrated

Body problems will directly affect a person’s self -confidence, especially when fat people wear sexy underwear.Wearing inappropriate sexy underwear will weaken the self -confidence of the fat man and even become more depressed.

Fourth, choose improper underwear

For fat people, it is important to choose the right sexy underwear.If you choose improperly, you may make your body more ugly, but there is no effect of adding emotions.Therefore, it is critical to choose a sexy underwear suitable for your body.

5. Appropriate cover

When choosing a sexy underwear, pay attention to the defects in your body and the parts that need to be covered.For example, choose a belt -style erotic underwear that can cover the obese waist, or choose a sexy underwear with long sleeves.

6. Bright color series underwear

For fat people, the black and gray series underwear is not the best choice.On the contrary, choosing the sexy lingerie of the bright color series, such as red, pink, purple, etc., can better improve the temperament and body lines.

Seven, size issues

It is also important to choose a sexual underwear with the right size.Wearing a suitable size of sexy underwear will be more comfortable and make your body more beautiful.

Eight, soft materials

Choosing a soft and breathable sexy underwear material can make you more comfortable to wear, and it can highlight the advantages of fat people, such as warmth, cuteness and so on.

Nine, confident expression

Wearing erotic underwear should not just show the figure and appearance, but also show personal confidence and taste.Therefore, it is necessary to show your body and style confidently, rather than blindly pursuing the beauty of appearance.

10. Conclusion

Wearing erotic underwear is not a taboo of fat people. As long as you choose underwear suitable for your body, fully show self -confidence and taste. Fat people can also wear sexy underwear to add emotional and passion.

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