What should I do if I have a big lingerie waist?


Sexy underwear is one of the essential items for modern women. In many cases, we will choose to try different sizes of sexy underwear to find the most comfortable effect, but sometimes even if we know our size, we will still encounter waist circumferences.Or the bust is too large or too small.In this article, we will introduce in detail what should I do when the sexy underwear is too large.

Source of the problem

For this kind of problem, the waist circumference of sexy underwear is not too large due to improper size, but because of individual differences.Different people’s physical forms, body shape and weight are different, which will cause problems with too large waist circumference.

Understand the size

First of all, whether you buy sexy underwear in a physical store or online shopping platform, you must know your size.Knowing your size is an important step to avoid excessive waist circumference. If you are not sure of your size, please refer to the actual measurement value.

Choose the right style

If you have confirmed your size and the waist of sexy underwear is too large, then you need to choose the right style and design.Usually, the designs such as wider shoulder straps and more strokes can effectively improve the problem of too much erotic underwear waist circumference.

Focus on materials

The texture and fabric material of sexy underwear may also affect the waist circumference too much. In order to wear a more comfortable dressing experience, it is recommended to choose good elastic materials, such as lace, cotton, and nano -soft fabric.Interesting underwear of hard plastic and other substances.

Research brand and manufacturer

For consumers who buy sexy underwear, brands and manufacturers are also a key factor worth paying attention to.By studying different brands of production technology, material selection and quality assurance, it is easier to find sexy underwear that suits you while avoiding buying low -quality products.

Change lifestyle

If the waist circumference of sexy underwear is too large due to physical shape or lifestyle, then we need to consider changing lifestyle, such as increasing exercise volume, adhering to good eating habits, reducing sitting time, etc. These methods help improve body and body and body andWaist circumference.

Customized underwear

If you are a special person or a relatively heavy person, then it is possible to replace some niche custom sexy underwear will be the best choice. These sexy underwear usually has a more fit design and more humane material, which can better adapt to better adaptationVarious figures and body shapes.


If you just feel a bit large when you wear a sexy underwear, but it does not affect the overall dressing effect, you can choose to trim the sexy underwear by yourself to reduce the waist.


Interesting underwear is one of the essential items that every woman should have. If there is a problem with too large waist circumference, don’t panic. Through the correct solution, we will always find the suitable sex underwear to make ourselves more beautiful and confident.Essence

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