What machine do you need to use in sex underwear?


Interest underwear is a kind of underwear with special use. Their production needs to pay attention to many details, including which machines are used.In this article, we will explore which machines and the purpose of these machines need to be used.

Flat sewing machine and edge machine

The flat sewing machine is one of the most important machines in the process of sex underwear manufacturing.It can be used to sew various materials and usually use 3 or 4 lines.The edge torture machine is used to flatten the edge, which is particularly important for the perfect appearance of sexy underwear.


The bandage machine can bond the fabric and bandage together.Interest underwear usually has a complex shape and structure, so bandage machines are essential to produce high -quality sexy underwear.

Embroide machine

Common patterns and design on sexy underwear need to be made with embroidery machines.These machines can create a perfect design in various ways in various ways.

Iron and friction tester

For any type of underwear, including sexy underwear, ironing is a very important step.Sex underwear needs to be ironed and friction tests to ensure its comfort and durability.

Plastic heat forming machine

In some sexy underwear, plastic and silicone are usually used to shape various shapes.The plastic thermal molding machine can help manufacturers achieve various complex designs in this regard.

Diamond and jewelry processing machine

Some sexy underwear may also contain diamonds and other forms of jewelry.Diamonds and jewelry processing machines can be used to install these jewelry and diamonds on sexy underwear to enhance their visual effects.

Manual sewing

In addition to the machine mentioned earlier, handmade sewing is also a very important step in the process of sex underwear manufacturing.Only hand -sewing can ensure that the details are the best.


In short, making high -quality sexy underwear requires various types of machines and tools.The seam machine, bandage machine, thermal form machine, embroidery machine, ironing and friction tester are all important parts of making sexy underwear.Handmade sewing is also very important in ensuring details and accuracy.The ultimate goal is to create sexy underwear with high quality and attractiveness, which can help manufacturers achieve this goal.

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