What is the name of Taobao sex underwear?


Taobao is a well -known domestic e -commerce platform, providing opportunities for sales products for many businesses.Among them, sexy underwear is a popular product that has been favored by many consumers.Many merchants use beauty models to display products when selling sexy underwear on Taobao online, which has aroused some people’s curiosity about sexy underwear models.This article will discuss this topic.

The title of sexy underwear model

Some people think that sexy underwear models are called "crispy breasts", but this is incorrect.On Taobao, sexy underwear models are generally called "model sisters" or "model sister".Both of these titles are more kind and cute, in line with the style of sexy underwear design.

The figure of model sisters and model sisters

The display of sexy underwear requires a certain visual impact, so the figure of model sisters and model sisters is usually very good.They are tall, with thin hips and full chests, and can perfectly show the effects and charm of sexy underwear.But not every model sister or model sister meets this standard.

The name of the model sister and model sister

There are many sexy underwear models on Taobao. Each model sister or model sister has a unique name.These names usually have some sexy or charming meaning, such as "little rabbit", "little sweetness", "sugar" and so on.These flower names can increase the affinity and cuteness of model sisters and model sisters.

The working hours of model sisters and model sisters

The working hours of sexy underwear models are usually more flexible, most of which are part -time.Their working hours can be adjusted according to the needs of the merchants. Some model sisters or model sisters are only displayed on weekends or holidays, and some are every day. Working hours are related to personal time arrangements.

The income level of model sisters and model sisters

The income level of sexy underwear models is difficult to count, because the income of each model sister or model sister is different.Some model sisters or model sisters will get income from multiple merchants, while others only receive a small amount of remuneration.In short, the income of sexy underwear models is not high on the e -commerce platform.

Model sisters and model sisters are facing problems

Although sexy underwear models can earn income through Taobao, they also face some problems.First of all, they need to keep their figures in order to be accepted and hired by merchants.Secondly, they are vulnerable to harassment and violation of some bad netizens, and they need to take safety measures.In addition, their image is easy to be misunderstood and needs to bear a certain degree of social pressure.

The professional prospects of model sisters and model sisters

The professional prospects of sexy underwear model are not very good.Model sisters and model sisters are usually between 20 and 30 years old. Over time, their figures and appearances will change, which will affect their career development.In addition, with the development of e -commerce platforms, the demand for merchants to use sex underwear models may decrease.

Professional choice of model sisters and model sisters

In the current market environment, sexy underwear models should seek other occupational options.Some model sisters or model sisters can consider transforming to the media industry to engage in live broadcasting, hosting, actors and other work.At the same time, they can also transform into plane models to participate in magazine advertising shooting.

Interesting underwear model industry regulations

The industry regulations of sexy underwear models are relatively loose and there are no obvious restrictions.However, it should be noted that their display content needs to be in accordance with national laws and regulations and moral norms, and cannot bring too much pornographic element.At the same time, sexy underwear models need to take physical protection and safety measures.

in conclusion

With the advancement of the times, the professional future of sexy underwear model is not very optimistic, but they can find other professional choices.Here, it is necessary to remind that as a professional model, you need to pay attention to protecting your personal safety and image, and abide by industry norms.

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