What is the name of a sexy underwear in sexy underwear?


For a long time, people’s exploration of sex and interest has never stopped, and sexy underwear is an important part of it.Whether it is a flirting tool between couples or luxury goods enjoyed alone, sexy underwear plays a very important role.In movies, you can often see the protagonists put on sexy underwear to create an unusual atmosphere.So, what are the movies in sexy underwear?Here to tell you about.

"Fifty Degree Gray" series

The "Fifty Degree Gray" series is one of the hottest movies about sex underwear.In the play, the heroine Anna Steel put on various styles of sexual sexy underwear, and the design of these underwear is unique and eye -catching.The ultimate lust of this film and the sexy style of publicity have made countless audiences intoxicating.

"Golden Zhiyu"

"Golden Zhiyu" is one of the masterpieces of Hong Kong films. The scenes of the beautiful lights in the film have become the memory of some audiences.Among them, there was once an unforgettable scene: Yu Guanyin tried to wear sex underwear in the room, showing a passionate side, this shot made many audiences enjoy it.

"Different Space"

In the movie "Different Space", the actor’s beautiful face coincides with the sexy body of the heroine.In a fierce sex shot, the heroine wore a black erotic underwear, which was intoxicated at once.

"Color, ring"

This is a modern film, in which the mountain camellia (Tang Wei) and Liang Chaowei starred in a thrilling contemporary love story.The movie Zhongshan Camellia wore a variety of sexy underwear, showing a different sexy charm.The passionate scene makes the audience quite enjoyable.

"Love you a million years"

"Love you for ten thousand years" is a erotic film, and the demand for both sex is very straightforward.The sex scene of the heroine Zhang Ziyi and the actor Ge You made countless audiences thrilling. In this movie, the use of sexy underwear products is eye -opening.

"Beauty plan"

"Beauty plan" tells the story of a woman obtaining wealth and power with various means.The movie female No. 1 put on a black sexy underwear in the bathroom, which made her beauty infinitely intoxicated. I believe that a 100 % male audience can’t wait to know the brand of this sexy underwear.

"Demon Cat Biography"

Unlike other movies, the film’s material is very novel: it tells the story of a female ghost extract male essence.In the movie, the female ghost put on a black erotic underwear. Although the leading actor who couldn’t wear her tried to struggle, she was still captured by the temptation of the underwear.

"Dragon Tiger Storm"

In the film "Dragon Tiger Fengyun", the corner of the rich man starring Wu Zhenyu is very obvious for sexy underwear, and you have to add underwear to himself every day.And his private giant erotic dotted museum reflects the important position of sexy underwear to sexy.


"Eavesdropping Fengyun" is one of the masterpieces in the 30th anniversary of the Hong Kong film. The work tells a police officer investigating and investigating an entrepreneur easily causing people to be alert.In the movie, the heroine put on tender green sexy underwear, showing a sexy side.At the same time, this tender green sexy underwear also became one of the popular products in the market at that time.


This film is a classic Japanese three -level film with extremely high ornamental.In the movie, the heroine put on a red sexy underwear and started a very passionate love with the actor.At the same time, in this movie, there are various erotic underwear, such as sexy straps, lace small skirts, etc., which are very suitable for sexy underwear hairs to appreciate.

in conclusion

The appearance of sexy underwear in movies is undoubtedly a form of form of sex culture.In real life, the different design, styles and materials of sexy underwear also brings more choices and fun to people’s sexual blessing life.Therefore, we can appreciate the different colors and styles of sexy underwear from the movie, and we can also give us the beauty and romance of the two -person world in real life.

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