What else is needed?

What else is needed?

In this era, sex products have become a popular, and the current trend is growing.Interest underwear is an important part of them, and it also makes many women feel very confident and sexy.However, in addition to sexy underwear, what other items do we need to promote our sexual life?Here are some suggestions that may be helpful.

1. Lubricant

Lubricants can not only make sexual life more comfortable, but also improve sexual pleasure and reduce discomfort.Different types of lubricants have different effects. For example, water -based lubricants are very good for people who use sex toys, while silicon -based lubricants can maintain longer sliding time.

Second, sexy toys

Sex toys are also an important part of sex life, which can bring people a lot of fun.There are many types of erotic toys, including vibers, jumping eggs, simulation penis, and so on.Different types of sexy toys have different effects, and should be selected according to their needs and special circumstances.

Third, condom

Constitution is one of the necessary items in sexual life. It not only protects us from illness and accidental pregnancy, but also increases protection measures and allows us to enjoy a safe sex life.Using condoms can make people feel at ease of emotional investment and enjoyment, and reduce psychological burdens.

Fourth, oral sex

Oral membranes can not only protect us from the infringement of infectious diseases, but also make us more assured and pleasant oral sex.Not only that, oral metastasis is also conducive to reducing the risk of infection of infectious diseases such as virus, bacteria and pathogenic bacteria.Therefore, oral membranes have become an indispensable protection tool in sexual life.

Five, sex products cleaning solution

The use of sex products cleaning liquid is to disinfect adult products, deodorize and maintain quality.This is crucial, because the commonly used sex products may be a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses.Use sex products cleaning solution to eliminate these problems and ensure that adult supplies have a good look, making them more lasting.

6. Safe beauty products

Some sex or sexy underwear may stimulate the skin or produce uncomfortableness.Therefore, the use of safe beauty products is important for everyone.When buying any sexual products, make sure you first use safety beauty products to test the effect to avoid skin problems.

Seven, sexy underwear

Interest underwear is already well known to the world, and almost every lady is its fans.Interest underwear makes women feel confident and sexy, and has an important role in sexual life.There are many types of sexy underwear, such as somatosensory series, sexy series, suspender series, and various styles to choose from according to personal needs.

Eight, others

In addition to the above items, there are other items that may be helpful, such as sex products and sex accessories.These need to be selected according to matching and actual needs to better protect sexual life and sexual health.

In short, in addition to sexy underwear, there are many items that can promote our sexual life.Pay attention to protect yourself and choose the sex props and clothing that suits us, so that we can realize a happier, healthy and pleasant sex life.

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