What does sexy underwear return?


As a special underwear, sexy underwear has become more and more popular in the market in recent years.However, for some people who buy sexy underwear for the first time, different problems may be encountered.One of them is the word "return" in the sex underwear online store.So, what does sex lingerie return?This article will answer this question for you.

What is a sex lingerie back picture

In sexy underwear online stores, some products can often be seen with the term "return".So, what is a messy underwear back?Simply put, sexy underwear returns is a photo uploaded after buying sexy underwear.These photos are generally uploaded to the online store for other customers for reference.

The role of sexy underwear back map

The role of sexy underwear back graphs is very important.First of all, sexy underwear can only be purchased in professional sex shops or some sexy lingerie online stores, and because of its special nature, it cannot be returned and exchanged.Therefore, sexy underwear back maps can provide a more intuitive understanding of other customers to avoid unnecessary purchase risks.Secondly, sexy underwear returns can provide more inspiration for other customers.

Requirements for sexy underwear back maps

Although it is very important to return the back map of sexy underwear, not all the returns are recognized by the online store.Generally speaking, the back map of the sexy underwear needs to meet the following requirements: high definition, real color, comprehensive clothing display, etc.If a sexy underwear returns does not meet these conditions, it may not be able to pass the authentication of online stores.

How to upload sex underwear back pictures

Uploading sex lingerie back maps can provide convenience for other buyers, and some sexy underwear online stores will also provide some rewards for uploaders.If you want to upload a fun underwear back, you need to follow the steps below: First, choose the location of uploading the photo, generally on the product details page.Secondly, choose the photos you want to upload to ensure high definition, real color, and comprehensive clothing display.Finally, submit photos and wait for the review of the store.

How to choose a reference of sexy underwear back map

When buying in sex lingerie online stores, you can choose your favorite style or the size suitable for your size with the help of sexy underwear.However, when choosing, you need to pay attention to the following aspects: First, choose photos with high definition, real color, and comprehensive clothing display.Secondly, pay attention to the body shape and skin color of the reference to the buyer to ensure that your own choice will not be uncomfortable.Finally, you can refer to other buyers’ evaluation of photos to learn more about dressing experience.

How to shoot sexy underwear back pictures

If you want to upload a picture of the sexy underwear and you need to take a photo yourself, how do you take?First of all, choose a good light environment, preferably in a bright place.Secondly, pay attention to the clarity and color of the photo. Do not use some beauty cameras or filters, otherwise it will affect the purchase decision of other customers.Finally, you need to display the comprehensive underwear, you can consider adding a close -up of some details.

Business use of sexy underwear back map

If you are an operator of a sexy underwear online store, you can consider using the map to do business propaganda.Generally speaking, operators will reward according to the number and quality of the upload of customers.In addition, the return map can also be spread on some social media platforms to increase brand exposure.

Potential risk of sexy underwear back map

Like other photos, there are some potential risks.For example, privacy leakage may affect the uploader.Therefore, if you do not want to upload the return map, you can choose to cover up some facial features to avoid being recognized by others.


The backing map of sexy underwear is very important for buyers and operators. It can help buyers understand the product more intuitively, and can also help the operator to carry out effective publicity and marketing.However, in the process of uploading or using the sex underwear back map, you need to pay attention to some potential risks and abide by the corresponding regulations of the online store.

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