What color does sex underwear buy?

What color sexy underwear is the best?

Sexual feelings are a must -have for modern women, and when buying sexy underwear, color is also a very important factor.So, what color sexy underwear is the best?Let’s analyze it.

Red color sex lingerie: passion, sexy, gorgeous

Red is the most representative type of sexy underwear. It represents passion, enthusiasm and love.Therefore, red color sex lingerie has always been very popular in sales.At the same time, red is also a very sexy and gorgeous color, which can become a highlight in sexy underwear.

Black color sex lingerie: classic, mysterious, sexy

Black color sex lingerie is a classic representative.This color gives a mysterious and noble feeling, and it is also very sexy.Women wearing black sexy underwear can also exude a unique charm, showing their sexy and self -confidence.

Pink sexy underwear: cute, sweet, sexy

Pink sexy lingerie is a relatively novel color. Compared with other colors, it is cute and sweet.At the same time, pink can also create a soft and sexy temperament for women.Therefore, this is also a very popular sexy underwear color.

Purple color sex lingerie: elegant, mysterious, sexy

Purple is an elegant and mysterious color.Purple erotic underwear can not only show women’s softness and elegance, but also make them look more mysterious and sexy.

Blue erotic underwear: fresh, comfortable, sexy

Blue is a relatively fresh color that is suitable for women who pursue comfort.At the same time, blue sexy underwear is also very sexy, allowing women to show their sexy side.

White erotic underwear: simple, noble, sexy

White sex underwear is a very simple and noble color.It can show the elegance of women and also show their sexy aspects.Therefore, white sex lingerie is also very popular in sales.

Yellow sex underwear: bright, exciting, sexy

Yellow is a relatively bright and exciting color.It is believed that women in yellow color sexy underwear will also have a distinctive sexy charm. Yellow sex underwear is suitable for women with full personality. However, due to the brightness of yellow, yellow is not very popular when choosing sexy underwear.

Green erotic lingerie: fresh, natural, sexy

Green is a relatively fresh and natural color. It has a very comfortable feeling to wear green sexy underwear, and it can also show the sexy charm of women.

Gray sex lingerie: atmosphere, stability, sexy

Gray erotic underwear is a very atmospheric and stable color.It looks very noble, showing the maturity and sexy aspect of women.Although not very eye -catching, there is also a certain market in sales.

Gold porn underwear: luxurious, dazzling, sexy

Gold porn underwear is a very luxurious and dazzling color.Putting on this color of sexy underwear can almost make women stand out in an instant.However, its market is relatively small, suitable for women who praise the warmth.


In summary, sexy underwear of different colors has its own charm and applicable scenario.When buying sexy underwear, in addition to choosing a suitable style for your body and temperament, the choice of color is also very important.Therefore, choosing a sexy underwear color that suits you can bring more confidence, mysterious, and sexy charm, showing completely different feminine charm.

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