Wearing a sexy lingerie 叼 Hey hey

Wearing a sexy lingerie 叼 Hey hey

With the development of society, people’s attitude towards sex is constantly changing.As a clothing that can improve sexual interest, sexy underwear is highly sought after by modern people.However, for many people, wearing erotic underwear is still a new thing, I don’t know how to start.This article will be introduced in detail from the choice, matching, and precautions of wearing sexy underwear to help you better wear sexy lingerie. Hey.

Choose a style that suits you

The styles of sexy underwear are very diverse, including stockings, lace, sexy underwear, bra and so on.Different people like different styles, so before buying sexy underwear, we must first determine their style.If you like a mature feeling, you can choose black or red lace sexy underwear; if you like fresh and natural feelings, you can choose pink or light -colored sexy underwear; if you want to try unique styles, you can choose transparent, grid, grid, grid, Lace and other three -dimensional design sexy underwear.In short, choosing a style that suits you is the key.

Pay attention to the size of the underwear

The size of sexy underwear is usually smaller than ordinary underwear, because they need to better fit the body and highlight the advantages of the figure.Wearing too large or too small underwear will affect the image and comfort of the wearer.Therefore, you need to pay attention to size problems when buying sexy underwear.You can tailor -made first, or choose the size suitable for you according to the brand’s size table.


The accessories of sexy underwear are also very important.For example, it can be matched with sexy stockings or net socks, and even high -heeled shoes, which can make the whole person’s temperament more charming.In addition, you can choose different accessories according to the occasions of wearing to increase the diversity of sexy underwear.

With clothing

Generally, sexy underwear is used for sex occasions, but it can also be cleverly matched with clothing to turn the sexy underwear into an important element in daily costumes.For example, you can wear a sexy suspender vest in the jacket, or wear sexy underwear outside, paired with high -waisted jeans.These will make your appearance more novel and interesting.

Pay attention to cleaning

Interesting underwear must pay attention to cleaning, otherwise it will not only affect the health of the wearer, but also destroy the beauty of underwear.It is recommended to wash it with warm water and avoid friction.At the same time, you can use a dedicated underwear washing solution and avoid using bleach or soft agent to avoid damaging the fabrics and shapes of the underwear.


When wearing sexy underwear, pay attention to the position of wearing.Different styles need different ways to wear. For example, some stockings should be pulled up from the feet, and some bras must be tied to behind.The correct way to wear can not only make you more comfortable to wear underwear, but also improve the beauty of underwear.

Pay attention to self -confidence

It is actually important to wear sex underwear to show their beauty and sexy, not just the clothes itself.Therefore, we must pay attention to self -confidence.Your confidence will add endless charm and make you more sexy and charming.Therefore, when wearing fun underwear, it must show your best side.

The benefits of wearing sex underwear

There are many benefits to wear sexy underwear. It can not only improve sexual interest, but also make the wearer more confident and charming.Therefore, wearing erotic underwear has become a way for modern people to pursue quality life.We should have the right attitude, try new things, and better enjoy the happiness of life.

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