Victoria Fun Underwear Show 4

Victoria Fun Underwear Show 4: Demystifying the classic series

Victoria’s secret is the world’s well -known sexy underwear brand. Not only is the underwear design ahead of a number of brands, but also a underwear show, showing the latest models of its brand and classic series of consumers.This article will focus on the classic series of Victoria’s sexy underwear show to unveil your mystery in this private field.

Love Angel Series

The Love Angel Series is the most noticeable series in the Victorian underwear show.It is based on white, contains a small amount of sky blue and nude, with lace, lace and sequins, so that women are like an innocent but sexy angel after putting on.

Crystal series

The crystal series is a sexy underwear full of noble and luxurious sense. It uses transparent materials, and the embellishment of jewelry and crystal to create a shining effect, perfectly combining sexy and luxurious.

Charm Meng Pet Series

The charm cute pet series is a cute and sexy underwear. The design uses a large number of lace and complicated lace in the design. It combines the non -evil and a little gentle temperament with the sexy and charming.

Performance chest series

The graceful chest series mainly focuses on the lines and curves of women’s breasts. It uses a variety of underwear cup design, which aims to make women’s chests more upright and stylish.At the same time, its special fabric can also make women’s chest contour more attractive.

Miss Mian Sheep Series

Miss Mianyang series is a sexy underwear that is a little closer to children’s style.It uses a gray -purple and white design, while adding sheep dolls at the same time, with a sense of innocence and innocence.This underwear is suitable for women who want to tease emotions.

Velvet series

The velvet series is a relatively elegant sexy underwear in the Victorian underwear show. It uses a soft fabric with a very simple design, which is mainly used to strengthen the curve and contour of women’s bodies.The velvet series will not be too public, but it can make women mysterious and charming.

Sexy temptation series

The sexy temptation series is obviously a sexy underwear like names. Its material comes from sexy materials such as lace and silk satin, plus various design elements such as exposed parts and chains, which looks very sexy and enchanting.

Tights series

The tights are prepared for women who want to show their sexy, charming and powerful women.It uses a tight design to highlight each curve and muscle of the female body, plus sequins and huge bow, etc., perfectly showing the temperament and style of women.


Victoria is the pioneer of the world’s sexy underwear. Its classic series grasped the physical needs, psychology and ideas of women in depth, and showed these factors through design.Whether it is a separate accessory or a whole set of sexy underwear, each one is suitable for different types of women, allowing women to express their different emotions and physical charm.

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