Taobao sex underwear model is small

Taobao sex underwear model Xiaoxi’s background introduction

Taobao sex underwear model is small, the real name is Li Xiaoyan, 1.68 meters tall and 50 kg.She is a model of Taobao sex underwear shop, which has attracted much attention because of her appearance and perfect figure.

Xiaoxi’s career choice

Xiaoxi said that she had liked to perform and take pictures since she was a child, so she chose to perform a performance during college and entered the model industry logically.She has worked in Taobao sex underwear shop for three years and has accumulated a lot of experience.

Xiaoxi’s daily work

Xiaoxi’s main job is to put on the sexy underwear provided by the store, take a series of photos and videos for the store uploaded to Taobao shops to attract customers’ attention.In addition, she also pays attention to the shop’s comment and inquiry customer consultation to give feedback from the store in time.

Xiaoxi’s yoga training

Xiao Xi said that she pays great attention to her body and conducts regular yoga training to maintain her body shape.She believes that instead of conducting severe weight loss within a day or two, it is better to adhere to quantitative training every day.

Xiaoxi’s understanding of sexy underwear

For sexy underwear, Xiaoxi believes that this is a clothing that shows women’s sexy and charm.She believes that sexy underwear can not only show women to show their beauty, but also increase the taste and fun between husband and wife.

Xiaoxi’s purchase suggestion

When buying sexy underwear, Xiaoxi suggested that female friends choose the style and size that suits them.She pointed out that sexy underwear is a very private clothing. Do not let others buy or try it on when buying, so as not to be unsuitable for you.

Xiaoxi’s professional skills

When wearing a sexy underwear, Xiaoxi will pay special attention to adjusting his posture and angle to show the most perfect figure.She will also make makeup before shooting to make herself more beautiful and charming.

Xiaoxi’s view of work

Xiaoxi expressed her love for her work.She believes that her professional identity is a performer, and sexy underwear is just one of her way of showing her performance skills.She hopes that she can show her more perfect herself through work.

Xiaoxi’s outlook

For the future, Xiaoxi said that she would continue to adhere to her yoga training and maintain her body.At the same time, she will learn more about performance technology and camera skills to lay a stronger foundation for her career development.


Although Xiaoxi’s story is simple, we can go to many things from Xiaoxi’s experience.We should always adhere to our own ideas and directions. When doing one thing, we don’t let go of any details, because these details often determine success and failure.

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