Swimming underwear Innerwear Pictures

Swimming underwear Innerwear Pictures

Swimming underwear: It’s not just ordinary swimsuits

What is swimming underwear?

Before talking about swimming underwear, you need to clear the definition of swimming underwear.Swimming underwear is essentially a kind of underwear designed for swimming views. They have strong breathability, comfort and water flow, and often equipped with some sexy elements, such as lace edges, back, split, and so on.In order to enhance the self -confidence and charm of the wearer.

The difference between swimming underwear and ordinary swimsuit

Although swimming underwear and ordinary swimsuits look similar, there are great differences between them.Ordinary swimsuits are focusing on functionality. The main purpose is to provide sufficient support and coverage, so that the wearer can swim in the water without losing clothes.Swimming underwear pays more attention to beauty and fashion. It often adopts some bold design and tailoring methods to adjust the proportion of body to make the wearer more beautiful.

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Types of swimming underwear

There are many types of swimming underwear, which can choose according to personal preferences, occasions and wearers.Common styles include conjoined swimming underwear, split swimming underwear, vest swimming underwear, suspender swimming underwear, triangular bikini swimming underwear, high -waisted bikini swimming underwear, etc.

Swimming underwear fabric selection

The choice of fabrics for swimming underwear is very important. On the one hand, it requires good breathability and comfort, and on the other hand, it requires wear resistance, sun protection, and waterproof characteristics.At present, the commonly used swimming underwear fabrics include nylon, chlorine rubber, polyester, and polyester fiber.

Suitable for swimming underwear

Although swimming underwear is very sexy and charming, not everyone is suitable for wearing them.Generally speaking, swimming underwear is suitable for women with well -figure, exquisite facial features, and elastic breasts.For women who are fat or drooping in the chest, you can choose some swimming underwear with waist or chest pads to make up for some shortcomings.

Swimming underwear matching skills

The matching skills of swimming underwear are also very important.If the body proportion of the wearer is not coordinated, you can consider choosing some swimming underwear that can adjust the proportion of body, such as high -waist bikini swimming underwear.In addition, you can choose the right color and flower type according to your skin color to show your beauty.

Maintenance of swimming underwear


In order to ensure the life expectancy and beauty of swimming underwear, it is necessary to maintain it appropriately.Avoid using too strong detergent during cleaning, while not recommended for machine washing.In addition, it should be dried as soon as possible after use to avoid exposure and contact with high temperature items.

Swimming underwear brand recommendation

There are many swimming underwear brands on the market, and their style and positioning are also very different.Some brands suitable for swimming include Speedo, Tyr, Arena, etc.; Brands that specialize in sexy underwear include Coquette, BACI LINGERIE, DREAMGIRL, etc.

Swimming underwear shooting pictures sharing

Share some exquisite pictures of swimming underwear for everyone to appreciate.


Swimming underwear is not only an ordinary swimsuit, but also a fashionable, sexy and confident performance.Choosing a swimming underwear that suits you can not only show your beauty, but also make the swimming experience more pleasant and comfortable.