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Belly Bades Fun underwear: ignite sexy flames sharp weapon

The stomachache sex underwear refers to a kind of sexy underwear that wraps the upper body of women into a small triangle, and is tied to a thin silk ribbon on both sides.It originally originated in the court culture of the Han Dynasty in the Han Dynasty, and gradually introduced into various civilian classes, and began to be used as sexy underwear in the early 20th century.Today, because of its sexy, charming, and interesting characteristics, the sexy underwear has become a common style in the sex underwear industry.

1. The design and material of the sexy lingerie of the bellyband

The design of the sexy lingerie is very simple. It is composed of only one triangle cup and two silk ribbons, but there can be a lot of changes in materials and details.Generally speaking, the bellyband sexy underwear will choose soft, comfortable and breathable materials, such as silk, lace, cotton, etc.At the same time, some decorations, such as bow, rhinestone, lace lace, etc., and show different styles and sexy through different colors and patterns.

2. The method of wearing the stomachache sex underwear

The method of wearing the sexy underwear is relatively simple, but it is necessary to pay attention to different binding methods to show different effects.Generally speaking, the upper half of the sexual lingerie of the bellyband is placed directly above the breast, and the two silk ribbons can be tied to the waist or behind.Different tied methods will show different visual effects, such as vest, cross -type, surrounding type, etc.

3. Applicable crowd of sexual lingerie

Funny underwear is suitable for any women who like sexy and interesting underwear, especially suitable for women with full breasts and good shape curves.At the same time, because its design is very simple, the sexy underwear in the belly is also suitable for women who experience sexy underwear for the first time, which allows them to easily and enjoy the sexy pleasure.

4. The method of matching the sexual lingerie of the bellyband

The matching method of the sexy lingerie of the bellyband can be very flexible, and it can be matched with a variety of clothing such as underwear, stockings, long skirts, and short skirts.At the same time, it can also be matched with some sex products, such as sexy lace handcuffs, sex whip, sex jumping eggs, etc., to increase the sexy pleasure to a higher level.

5. Maintenance method of sexual lingerie in the bellyband

Funny lingerie of the bellyband usually uses soft materials, so pay special attention during maintenance.Generally speaking, it is recommended to use a neutral detergent to wash it. It should be dried in a cool place. It should not be exposed or dry.In addition, you need to pay attention to friction and pull when placing it to prolong the life of the sexual underwear of the bellyband.

6. The price of the sexual lingerie of the bellyband

The price of the sexy underwear is relatively close to the people, generally ranging from tens to hundreds of yuan.Of course, the price is related to materials and brands. High -priced brands and materials generally use more advanced decoration.

7. Brand recommendation for sexy underwear

At present, many brands in domestic and foreign markets have selling belly pockets sexy underwear, such as Victoria’s secrets, La Perla, Aimer, Calvin Klein, etc.Among them, Victoria’s secrets are highly respected with their rich varieties, high -quality, and fashionable styles.

8. Limitation of sexy underwear

Although the sexy underwear is very sexy, it also has its limitations.First of all, because the upper body is only covered by the bellyband and the chest support is poor, it is not suitable for a large range of exercise.In addition, although the sexy underwear is sexy, sometimes it looks too explicit and is not suitable for the scenes of the formal occasion.

9. The psychological effect of the sexy lingerie of the bellyband

The wearing of the stomach’s sexy underwear can bring a strong psychological effect and increase the confidence and charm of women.Wearing a bellyband sexy underwear, women will feel more sexy, charming, and more confident, which will have a positive impact on their self -awareness and interpersonal communication.

10. Conclusion

As a kind of sexy underwear in sexy underwear, it has the characteristics of simple, sexy, and charming. It is suitable for any woman who likes sexy lingerie, and can also be used to increase self -confidence and charm.Of course, you need to pay attention to occasions and matching when you wear to avoid excessive explication and rudeness.Finally, I hope that every woman can find their beauty and confidence with the help of the sexual lingerie of the bellyband.

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